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Cn a B o Wees 


If A Nil A Id 




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Emmerich Manual Training High School 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

Four years Within the Walls at Manual 
a dramatic and eventful four 
years - - - have induced the June 
'38 senior class to edit the following 
pages, marking the most pleasant years 
of our lives. 




Assistant Editor 


Business Manager 


Fair Manual, my boyhood school, 

Where learned I math and grammar rule; 

For four long years I've heard your sounds 

That go with schools the world around. 

The clang of lockers, the tread of feet, 

As pupils from the class retreat; 

The echoing band and glee club clear, 

The lunchroom and student cheer; 

The parents' pride on "Open Day", 

When first they view their child's display, 

And hear the prof as he relates 

Their offspring's fine and virtuous traits. 

With all these echoes that I've heard 

Go many pleasures you've conferred; 

The happy friendships I have made, 

Which, through the years, can never fade; 

Those times I thought myself in love, 

And how in class my thoughts would rove, 

Until from out my reverie 

The prof, amused, would startle me ; 

The sports events I would attend 

In company with all my friends ; 

How we would cheer the home-team on 

Until our speech was all but gone, 

How when "On team" the band would surge 

We'd thrill with patriotic urge ; 

Then lastly disappointment's fill 

Which made the joys seem better still. 

For many years, school I know, 

You've seen the pupils come and go; 

Some have acquired a noted name, 

While others live unknown to fame ; 

But all, with memories sweet, recall 

The days when they did walk your hall. 

And now I too must leave your door, 

Oh that I could return once more ; 

Oft have I wished to leave behind 

The toil of class and homework grind, 

Have often mocked with hidden smirk 

The profs, severe, who made me work; 

Yet, looking back, the profs were right, 

And hated class seems pure delight; 

W T e value little the best we get, 

Until we are deprived of it. 

You've taught me much, school of mine, 

Of manners, books, and culture fine; 

But though this learning dies away, 

These memories will ne'er decay; 

Unstained they are by selfish aim, 

God grant they'll always be the same. 

— Boyd Collins. 


To the three principals whose wis- 
dom, leadership, and counsel has 
many times helped us combat the 
obstacles in our school career . . . 




AND TO . . . 

The sponsors of our class, whose excellent 
guidance has made our senior year the happiest 
and most productive we have ever known. 

EDGAR SIEGEL — Any honors our illustrious class presi- 
dent hasn't received are usually not worth having'. Ac- 
cording to "Handsome", the Booster could not gel along 
without him. Odd Number and Service clubs; vice-presi- 
dent el Koines; "The Royal Family." 

Likes golf, swimming 
I Ice, and Koines ; via 
team, lias received 
yell leader ; two Fren 

ires to he a mechanical en 
and girls. President Scienc 
-president senior class; capUl 
dock M's as student manag 
zel medals. Booster. 

\ Se 
in ye 

JACK SHAABER — Our vice-president of 1' 1 7 is planning 
to he a forester. .lack hails from Pennsylvania and in his 
Shorl time at .Manual has attained (mite a name and 
many friends. President of the Verse Choir; secretary 
of the Military Club; Mask and Wig; Koines. 

MENKA GULEFF — Menka. our efficient secretary of 
135, is among Manual's busiest. Secretary-treasurer of 
Masoma. Numerous Top Ten pins; Frenzel medal; Bruce 
Robison Post Award; vice-president of Mask and Wig. 
Forum clubs; cast of "The Youngest." 

RUTH MORGAN — Charming secretary of 217. Interested 
in French and music. (',. L. M. and gym show performer: 
president of French Club; roll room representative; as- 
sistant editor of Senior Booster; four-year member of 
weekly Booster staff; Top Ten; Masoma; Camera; May 

JEAN G. SCOTT — Roll Room 217's versatile treasurer 
has been a constant companion of Ruth and Menka. 
"Smiles" Scott is planning to be an artist. President of 
Art ami Masoma clubs; Forum and Camera member ; 
"The Youngest." May Queen attendant. 

ROT 11IBNER — Treasurer of 135 and Booster agent. Is 
better known as "Points," and he really kept the net hot 
getting them. Added a block M sweater to his basketball 
awards. Likes Fred Henry's company. 

JIMMIE ANGELOPOLOUS — Manual's contribution to 
the news world. Booster staff four years; sports editor, 
two; editor Senior Booster; Star correspondent ; secretary 
Service Club; member of Stonko. Jimmie, and Edgar trio. 

WILLIAM PATTERSON — The efficient business man 
ager of the weekly and Senior Booster, who's also in- 
terested in dramatics, photography, music, and straw- 
berry blondes. Member of Mask and Wig, Camera Club, 
and Orchestra. Bill prizes highly his Top Ten pins. 

EVELYN ACHGILL — Likes to skate, swim, dance and go 
to the movies. Wants to be a big success as a secretary. 
Her pals are Dot Kottkamp and Martha Baker. Business 
( iirls' and Masoma. 

MARION ALLANSON — Her hobbies are dancing and 
athletics; her ambition, to be a gym teacher; and her 
favorite subject, gym. President Gym Club; three G. L. 
M. shows. 

MARY LUIS ALLEE — Likes music, bicycling, tennis and 
photography; wishes to be a music teacher; her favorite 
subjects are French. English and music; pals, Doris 
Brabender and Eleanor Kinney. 

STo.VKc ANGELKOVICH— Candidate for R. O. T. C.'s 

most handsome captain; president Mask and Wig Club; 
Roines, Military, and Forum clubs. Wants to be a drafts- 
man. Seen with Menka. Casts of "The Youngest" and 
"The Royal Family." 

MAK.TORIE ARNOLD — Southport's gift to Manual. Usu- 
al l.\ can be seen with Francis or Juanita. Likes to snap 
pictures and wants to be a commercial photographer. 
Sponsor of lunch room marathon. 

HAROLD J. ARNOLD — Likes mathematics and wishes 
to be a draftsman. He and Mathews (Perry and Vines) 
are inseparable. Also seen with Kniptash and Henry. 
Tennis champion. 


ROBERT ABTERBURN — Plays baseball and basketball, 
Longs to fly gracefully through the air at the controls 
of an airplane. Seen with Sherley Eads and Gordon 
Byrd. Rod and Heel Club. 

GILBERT BACKEMEYER — His only ambition, to grad- 
uate. Always seen with Veryl. Member of triangle with 
Regina and Una at other two vertices. Champion soda- 

CHARLES EDWARD BAKER— Experiments in radio 
and photography. Also likes to skate and dance. Camera 
Club. Likes machine shop and history. Pals are others 
of the Big Four. 

FRANCIS BAKER — His hobby is mechanics and his 
one ambition is to be a good mechanic and machinist. 
Pals with Bill Angel and James Wagner. Member of 
Gym Club. 

MARTHA BAKER — Likes sewing, music and dancing. 
Ambition to be an expert seamstress in a good store. 
Seen with Marilyne Bushhorn. Music and Home Econ- 
omics clubs. 

STEPHEN BAKER — Machine shop star who aspires to 
be a machinist. Likes to bowl, swim and play basket- 
ball. Pals with Buck Taylor and Charles Baker. Also 
seen with Francis. Big Four member. 

ing are her favorites. Likes to sing ; received lyre in 
Choir. Seen with Daisy and Bernice; also pals with 
Steve. Member of Odd Number and Big Four. 

EVELYN BARKER — Likes to dance and skate. Wants 
to be a nurse or beauty operator. Home Economics Club ; 
Marion Allanson's "side-kick" ; member of 135's Big 

UNA BASKERYILLE Chummy with the Big Four, 

also with Madge Carr and Annette Seulean ; vice-pres- 
ident of Odd Number and G. L. M. ; Masoma ; great am- 
bition to teach foods. 

REGINA BAUCHLE — Reporter for the Booster; presi- 
dent of the H. Y. S. Club and vice-president of Girls' 
Gym Club. Has a fondness for baseball and Gilbert 

RICHARD A. BAUCHLE — "Ping-ponger" of the old 
school ; future machinist or civil service engineer ; chum- 
my with Jimmie Kohl, Steve Baker; Roines. Favorite 
subject, "Lunch." 

JENNIE BECKER — Jennie will make some business 
man a very competent secretary. Collects popular songs. 
Lenoyice Bertram and Sara Greenberg are her pals. 
French and Masoma clubs. 

JASON BEDELL — Came from Tech to attend Manual. 
Hopes to he a radio or movie star. Dancing is one of his 
gifts. Pals around with Max Minnix. Bookkeeping and 
science are Jason's favorite subjects. 

LENOYICE BERTRAM — Seems to have a great deal in 
common with Joe Blythe, Jr. Lenoyice played four se- 
mesters in Senior Orchestra. Belongs to Red Cross Club. 
Chummy with Jennie Becker and Sara Greenberg. 

HELEN BEYL — Aspires to be a model. Intends also to 
become an efficient secretary. Runs around with Gene- 
vieve Guenther and Frances Crafton. Favorite subjects 
— shorthand, typewriting, clothing. Masoma. 

JOSEPH EDMOND BLTTHB, JR. — Attended Columbia 
Military Academy in Tennessee and Booneville, Mississ 
[ppi, Blgh School, Rest pals are Lester Bolander and Le- 
noylce Bertram. Collects post cards. First semester al 






e High 

School. Seems to gel 




ly wel 

1 in hei 

salesmanship class. Sop 

hie \Y 


is her 

best ii 


LESTER BOLANDER — Athlete of good standing; mem- 
ber of basketball squad three years; Camera and Science 
clubs: awarded MT. F.MTI1S. and M. Future— "Big 
Business Man." 

MILDRED BORTZ — Is interested in singing and sew- 
ing. Does exceptionally well in history and English. Pal 
Of Jennie Becker and Sara Greenberg. Will make an ideal 
wife tor some lucky man. 

DORIS BRABENDER — Manual's future star of stage 
and screen. Vice-president of Masoma ; president of G. 
L. M. Council: treasurer of Mask and Wig; historian of 
the senior class; Fanny in "The Royal Family." May 
Queen attendant. 

HOWARD BR AM LETT — The machine-minded boy of 
our class wants to be a tool maker; likes to attend his 
machine shop classes. Frenzel medal; Boys' Gym Club; 
competent roller skater. 

ROY BRAXDES — Mr. Finch's right-hand man on the 
stage helped with stage designing. Major in the R. O. T. 
C. ; member of the Mask and Wig; one year on football 

MYRTLE BRIER — Her hobby seems to be winning 
awards; won freshman Masoma award. Swift and Or- 
dinance essay contests. Member of good standing in 
French and Masoma clubs. 

HAROLD BRILL — Interested in sports of all kinds, es- 
pecially basketball. Favorite subjects are commercial — 
type and machine calculation. 

DOLORES BRIZEXDIXE — Interested in singing and 
art, she aspires to be a radio singer. Pals with Helen 
Sells and Gladys Smith; lyre lady; G. L. M. actress. 

LEO BROWXIXG — Lyre man; interested in history; pals 
with Murphy. Cecil Gibson; Hi-Y and Forum clubs. 

MAEDEAX BULLARD — Fair-haired H. Y. S. Club mem- 
ber who wants to be a lawyer. Best friends are Vivian 
Schultz and Evelyn Meyer. 

XORMAX R. BURGER — His honor, the vice-presidenl 
until he left in January, starred in "The Youngest" and 
"Remember the Day". Best pal, Howard Bramlett. Fren- 
zel award; Mask and Wig; Gym Club. 

ALBERT BFRZLAFF — Likes to travel and wants to be 
a commercial artist: best pals. John Rieck and Herman 
Burzlaff; rather quiet; Art Club vice-president. 

PAUL BUSBY — An equesti 
mean radio. Wants to be a 
and Military clubs. 

an who also can build ; 
service repair man. Radit 

LEOLA BUSH — Dark-eyed damsel who likes to ride, 
dance and skate; pals with Marjorie Lowe; wants to 
become a gym teacher ; lyre lady ; H. Y. S. 

MARILYNE BUSHHORN— Can always find time to em- 
broider something; wants to be a stenographer; best pal 
is Lucille Drake; Business Girls' and Red Cross. 

GORDON BYRD— Thinks Shortridge girls are best ; in- 
terested in all sports ; wants to be a doctor ; gymnast ; 
best pals are Sherley Eads and Bob Arterburn ; Gvm 
Club; Rod and Reel. 

PAULINE CAESAR — Wants to become a secretary to 
a scientist; best friends are Ida Caito, Mary Alice Sau- 
ter, and Johnny Rieck ; Science and Masoma clubs. 

IDA CAITO — Aspires to become a secretary. Likes 
swing music. Best pals are Pauline Caesar, Margaret 
Sansone. Business Girls' and Masoma. 

MADGE CARR — A French Lick product, her main am- 
bition is to win Charlie P. Likes typewriting and art. 
Best pals are Una, Eileen, Regina ; Glee Club. 

EDWARD CASSADY — Wants to become a civil engineer 
or aviator and take up photography on the side. Says 
he is interested in math, drafting, also redheads. Pals 
with Vance Mull. Math Club. 

ALBERTA CAYLOR — Wishes to become a private sec- 
retary. Interested in school sports, personal regimen, 
and office training, she is a member of the H. Y. S. Club. 
"Mac Lang" is her best friend. 

BEN COHEN — Has seen four years' service on the 
football field and was awarded a block M sweater. Other 
sports activities include basketball and ping-pong. He 
has a great ambition to go to I. U. and become a law- 
yer. His best pals are Harold Brill and "Moe" Levy. 

BERNICE COHEN — Member of Mask and Wig, and 
French clubs; she has participated in the Red Cross 
plays. Her interests are baseball and books. She hopes 
to become a good secretary. 

BOYD COLLINS — Southport's gift to Manual has be- 
come the president of the Hi-Y Club, member of the 
Forum, and copy editor of the Booster. He has received 
a Top-Ten pin and this lawyer-to-be, so he says, is inter- 
ested in basketball, football, and track. 

DAISY K. COMBS — Katie is one of these bicycle and 
skating enthusiasts who has an ambition to work in a 
business office. She is a member of the Odd Number 
Club. Her best friend is Frances Ballenger. 

MABLE COONFIELD — Wishes to become a private sec- 
retary. Her interests include dancing, reading and skat- 
ing. Best pals are Eva Green and LaVaughn Richey. 

JOSEPH COYLE — Joe is a sports fan who is especially 
interested in indoor sports, basketball and softball. He 
says that his only ambition is to hold down a job. Maj- 
rred in mathematics and gym. 

FRANCIS CRAFTON — Interested in swimming, football, 
and basketball, her ambition is to become a great swim- 
mer. Best pals are "Genny" Guenther and "Toodie" Beyl. 


ORYTLLE SEXSON CRANK — Is the Eamous leader 
tli»> German band and has been awarded ;i lyre am 
medal in R. 0. r r. C. This band lieutenanl Is a mem 
of Art and Rolnes clubs. His greatesl ambition is 
become a press photographer. 

WILLIAM DAFFRON — Is greatly interested in his ho 
work shop and wants to become a tool maker. He als< 
interested in math, drafting, and Harold Frye. 

EDTTHB DAUM — An ardent commercial student who 
intends to become a private secretary, lias a special in- 
terest in all sports and has taken part in several gym 
Shows. Lest pals are Rernice and Ronnie. Camera and 
(ivm clubs. 

RALPH E. DAVIS — This engineer-to-be is a member o 
the Camera and Inlay clubs. He first started high schoo 
in Odon. Indiana, but prefers Manual. Rest pals an 
Harold Frye and Jack Shaaber. 

VIRGINIA DAVIS — Participated in G. L. M. shows and 

is also interested in swimming and reading. She wishes 
to become an office worker. Rest pal is Eva Green. 

KENNETH S. DEER — Wishes to become a champion 
skater; interested in salesmanship; his favorite pals 
are Frank Mulinix and Harry Hawkins. 

•WILLIAM DEVORE — This popular young man also 
wishes to become a skating champion. His favorite pals 
are Kenneth Deer, Rlair Facker, and Rob Fechtman. 

PAUL DOOLEY — His one ambition is to become a rail- 
way postal clerk. Prefers history to all other subjects. 
Usually seen with Kenneth Deer; he enjoys movies. 

LUCILLE DRAKE: — Possesses a desire to travel. Favor- 
ite subjects include math, office training, and machine 
calculation. Close associate of Harriet Stewart and Mari- 
lyn Rushhorn. Camera Club. 

NINA MARIE DRESSLAR — Helps her school in every- 
way by being a member of the Junior Red Cross Club. 
She hopes to become a competent secretary. Nina is usu- 
ally seen with Jean Scott. 

SHERLEY EADS — Has a desire to become a profession- 
al baseball player. Enjoys playing basketball and foot- 
ball. Considers geometry and R. O. T. C. his favorite 
subiects. Rest friends are Rob Arterburn and Gordon 

DOROTHY EGGER — This constant Top-Tenner coin 
posed the Ivy Day song. Senior Council: president of 
Math Club; Masoma and Clee clubs. Lyre recipient who 
played in 12.") Grand Piano Festival. Personals. -The 
Royal Family." May Queen attendant. 

MILDRED EGGERT — Enjoys playing the piano and 
dancing. Secretary of G. L. M. English VIII group. Ma- 
soma and Glee clubs. Lyre recipient: copy editor on 
weekly Rooster; type editor on Senior Rooster. Rest 
friends are (Jerry Roe and Ruth Hummel. 

LILLIAN ESHOWSKY — Has a desire to become :i mil- 
liner. Hobbies include dancing, singing. and movies. 
Constant companion of Mimi Bernstein, Rernice Cohen, 
and Selma Rinsky. H. Y. S. and Home Economics clubs. 

MAX EVERSOLE — One of the band's most faithful 
members. Received a lyre for eight semesters' service 
and now wants to play in a popular orchestra. Always 
seen with John Shane and Rlair Facker. 

sT .<a o 


*-**f j 

Br -« <*A 

* l*w 

BLAIR FACKBR — Another one of our patrons at River- 
side skating rink. Finds commercial law his favorite 
subject and wants to become an aviator. Member of the 
Facker, Sliane, and Eversole trio. 

SAM FARBER — Practically runs the Palmer Cleaners 
although his ambition is to become a designer. Applies 
his spare time to the study of aircraft. Pals around witli 
Motley Goodnight. 

ROBERT FEOHTMAN— A future cadet at West Point. 
A whiz in R. O. T. C. and economics. Bob is a major 
in R. O. T C and was president of the Roines last se- 
mester. Chums with Dick Murphy. Roines and Forum 

LEONARD FERRARO — Close chum of James Franklin 
and Robert Funk. Aspires to become a public accountant. 
Interested in photography and stamps. Spends spare time 
skating and swimming. 

MARION FESLER — Hopes to become a commercial art- 
ist. Finds dancing, skating, and reading her most inter- 
esting hobbies. Alice Lindley and Vida Lee closest chums 
at Manual. 

CLIFFORD FIGLEY — At Manual this would-be-army- 
flier liked shop. His best friends are James Rhude and 
Allen Rednour, who help him enjoy his favorite hobbies, 
hunting and fishing. 

FRANCIS FITCH — Interested in photography and wants 
to become a pharmacist. Also enjoys tennis and basketball. 
Pals around with David Fogle and Charles Angeloko- 
vich. Camera Club. "The Royal Family." 

JANE FLORA — A dancer you've seen in almost all our 
shows the last four years. She enjoys skating, tennis, 
and golf. Vice-president of the Junior Red Cross-X ; Ma- 
soma; Senior Booster staff; "The Royal Family." 

DAVID FOGLE — Known as Baby David, he has the 
hobby of being nominated to offices. Pals with Francis, 
Stonko and a red-head. First lieutenant in R. O. T. C. ; 
ticket agent; "B" Band; Roines. 

JAMES FRANKLIN — Adds "Esquire" to his name, but 
we call him "Mister". Liking sports and having played 
football, he aspires to be a coach. Member of Camera. 
Club and "A" Band; minor block M and lyre awards. 

ROBERT FRAZEE — Wants to play pro baseball in Min- 
neapolis, but we think his interest in J. B. of S. II. S. 
will keep him here. Hi-Y vice-president ; Service Club ; 
freshman football and track awards. 

EDWARD LOUIS FRIES — Interested in sports — espec- 
ially baseball, football, and Softball. His ambition is to 
be an office worker or an engineer. Edward is often seen 
with Jack Herman and William Tedrowe. 

HAROLD L. FRYE — Is truly a candid camera fiend. If 
his ambition is realized, he'll be a tool maker some day. 
A good friend of Ralph Davis and William Dai'fron. Art 
and Camera clubs. 

LETHA MAY FUCHS — Left us in January to go out in 
the big wide business world where in the near future 
she hopes to fill the role of efficient secretary to a big 
executive. Letha enjoys collecting pictures. 

RENICK GAINES— Would like to retire a wealthy man 
— wouldn't we all? Has been a loyal member of the Gym 
Club for five semesters. Spends his leisure time roller- 
skating. Received "MT" award in sports. 

JOSEPH GALVIN — Has a smile for everyone and doesn't 
miss giving his cooking teacher one each day. liis besl 
pals are "Red" Gaily and all girls. R. 0. T. C, Mathe- 
matics, and Chess and Checker clubs; "MT" award. 

ERMA GIBBS Hobbies are swimming and drawing bu 
is also interested in dancing and singing. Chums will 
Dot, Evelyn, and June. "Little Erma" is the shorl shori 
story writer in Mr. Moffat's Odd Number Club. 

CECIL GIBSON — Likes baseball and football in the waj 
of sports; shop, history, and math in the way of studies, 
and Herman Martlage and Robert King in the way of 
friends. Wishes to be a mechanical engineer. 

NORMA GILBREATH — Spent a part of her senior yeai 
in the hospital with appendicitis, but is now in shape 1c 
skate again. They say she's a skillful skater who'll n< 
doubt realize her hope to be a pro. French Club. 

GLADYS GILLESPIE — Is not often seen withoul Mil- 
dred Eggert at her side. She professes an interest in piano 
playing and is good at it. too. Gladys aspires to be an 
efficient stenographer or a model. 

ADELE GOLD — A loyal sports fan if there ever was one. 
Mr. Sharp's attractive helper during season ticket rushes. 
R. R. representative and member of the G. Y. M. Club. 
Has won many sports awards including block M. 

SIMON" GOODMAN — Simon, who came to us 
is often seen with George Kunkel, James Sol 
Allien Osman; hopes to become a draftsman. 

MOTLEY F. GOODNIGHT — His greatest hobby is Doro- 
thy. Is surely a whiz at bookkeeping and plans to he- 
roine a certified public accountant. Constantly with 
'Pete" and Jack; president of Hi-Y Club; track. 

neer. Pest friends an- Ed Siegt 
tongs to a variety of clubs i: 
Radio, and Chess and Checker,' 

mid like to be an engi 
and Martin Gross. Px 
luding Math, Camera 

DOROTHY CRAY — One of Manual's dance enthusiasts 
— and can she dance? Dorothy has a big outside interest. 
Ambitious to be a stenographer. Chums are Eva Green 
and Katherine Stewart. Masoma. 

EVA GREEN — This musician in 135 r 
for the piano. Loves to dance. Pals wi 
cile and Mable. Prefers personal regi 

illy has a talenl 
i Dorothy. Mar- 
en and history. 

SARA GREENBERG — Sara aspires to preside some day 
at a switchboard. Seen around the halls with Jennie 
Becker and Henrietta Schwartz. Interested in math and 
economics: likes dancing, football and skating. 

MORTON GROSS — Morton's crowning ambition is to b 
a salesman. Should be nicknamed "Smiles." Took part ii 
basketball. Pals with "Milky" and Irvin. Camera, Radio 
Chess and Checkers clubs; six-inch MT. 

HERBERT GUELDEN— Herb is the proud possessoi 

a Frenzel medal. His big interests are dancing — : 
girls. Would like lo be a draftsman. Marquetry and 
lay. Herbert's best pal is Lou. 


sports, dancing, music — and M. F. Wants 

i'lass comptometer operator. Enjoys the 
Betty, Francis, and "Toodie." Masoma. 



I ^ r^ ai 

WILLIAM GUMERSON — "Bill" is surely going to look 
well leading an orchestra. Inseparable from Ed Gassad> 
and Orville Crane. Concert Band ; Hi-Y Club ; lyre in 

RUTH GTJNN — A quiet Manualite who will make some- 
one a good stenographer. Always with Hazel or Marion. 
Glee Club ; former member of Music and Camera clubs. 

JANE HALPERN — May be seen almost any week-end 
at the Indiana Roof. Wants to be a first class secretary. 
Is seen with Mary Vulk and Minii Bernstein. Mask and 
Wig Club. 

MAXINE HANKINS — Another musical member of our 
class. Participates in all kinds of sports. Is interested 
in home nursing but her real ambition is to be a file 

JOHN HANSING — "Roughhonse" goes in for basketball, 
football and golf. Aspires to be a football coach or a 
lawyer. Pals around with Ralph Phillips. Block M; 
president of the Service Club ; Roines medal. 

WILLIAM HARDCASTLE — Another who has aspired to 
become a professional baseball player. He's also a radio 
repairer. Industrial Arts; Hi-Y Club. 

LELIA HARLAN — One of the main reasons why the 
band is so loud. If you don't believe it, just watch her 
blow the French horn. Can you imagine her a kinder- 
garten teacher? German Club; lyre award. 

HARRY T. HAWKINS — Came to Manual from Nash- 
ville High to complete his senior course. His one and 
only ambition is to make a million and drive a Packard. 
Enjoys burning the roads. Odd Number Club. 

FRED HENRY — To attend I. U. and study law is his 
big ambition. Has proved himself an actor in several 
Mask and Wig shows and "The Royal Family." Speech 
Arts; Mask and Wig; ticket agent of 135. 

ESTHER HERBIG — If you want anything started, 
just see Esther. Her laugh is easily identified. Can be 
found at all Manual basketball and football games. H. 
Y. S. ; formerly a member of the Glee Club. 

FEDORA HERMANN — "Fee" is right there when some- 
one mentions sports. She proves it by sporting a Frenzel 
medal and two block M's. Masoma ; Gym Club ; repre- 
sentative of 135; Booster staff. 

OLEN HIER — Has been nicknamed "Jonas' ever since 
his experiences in Mr. Sanders' algebra class. Wants to 
become a big business man in the near future. Professes 
liking for fishing and hunting. 

BETTY HOAGLAND — "Betts" is one reason why every- 
one attends the G. L. M. shows. Is going to give Ginger 
Rogers competition some day. Seems to like the Lee and 
Lowe duo. Gym Club. 

GEORGE JOHN HOLLE — Has worn a beaten path from 
his house to the skating rink. Someday he is hoping to 
become an aeronautical engineer. Seen with the other 
three — Iverson, Leukhardt, and Ferraro. 

LAURA IIOLLENBAUGH — Likes to read. Considers 
machine calculation her favorite subject. Aspires to be- 
come a comptometer operator. Her best pal is her sister, 
Lena. Business Girls' Club. 

LOLA ELIZABETH HUBBARD — Another one of those 
girls who wishes to become a nurse. Along wiih the 
nursing profession, she hopes to devote her time to com- 
mercial Illustrating. Nice work if you can gel It. 

OLAS QUBBS — A bicycling fan who goes in for 11 in a 
big way. Has brought home the medals in two OUt-Of- 

stale meets. Pals around with the team of lverson and 
Mull. Hi-Y Club. 

MAR? JANE HUFFMAN — One of the rarest swingsters 
al .Manual. Seldom is seen dancing much at school, hul 
finds time to dance outside of school. Always pah 

around with Mary Sprenger. Junior Red doss. 

ANTON HUGHEY — Attended four different schools be- 
fore finally deciding to graduate from Manual. Since he 
has worked in a drug store, his ambition is to be a 
pharmacist. Math Club. 

traveling comptometer operator? Whiz at machint 
Union and filing. Pals, Sylvia Studebaker am 
Hummel. Top Tenner: Business Girls' Club; M 

RUTH HUMMEL — Interested in journalism. Worked on 
Booster four years. Editor and associate editor of weekly 
Booster. Friend of Mildred Eggert, Mildred Hull. Ma- 
soma ; Red Cross-X; Odd Number; Senior Booster staff. 

SAMUEL HYMAX — Wishes to be a professor of history. 
Collecls Top Ten pins and prefers history and language. 
Reporter for Booster; Hi Y and Math clubs. 

ROBERT IVERSON — Height of happiness is to bowl ; 
200 game. Former Booster agent who receives basketball 
awards outside of school. Pals. Bob Frazee and Waynt 
Hall of Technical. 

HERMAN JEFFRIES — Enjoys art and 

Rembrandt, Jr. Seen often with Ray 
Sweeney. Active member of acappella cho 

and Boys' Olee clubs. 

GERALDINE JOHNSON — Provides our school with a 
southern drawl. Came from Mullens. West Virginia. En- 
joys being jusl a spectator at basketball games with 
Esther Herbig. Si riving to be a good secretary. 


ho likes to 

dance and skate. Her best friend, she 


res, is Ray- 

mond Nordholt. < German l !lub. 

ALICE KENT — Hopes to be a librarian. Favorite ps 
times are reading and music. Seen often with Rosemai 
Kaesar. Joyce Ketch um and Elizabeth Kenagy. Masom 
Red Cross-X. 

RICHARD KERKHOFF— Wants success in life. Enjoys 
the three S's. shooting, skating and swimming. His fa- 
vorite subjects are 111:1th and drafting. Hails from Uni- 
versity Heights; pals around with Ed Cassady ; Math 

JOYCE KETCH UM — Future dress designer. Enjoys art. 
sewing, sports, and reading. Seen with Mary Alice Sauter 
and Doris Sohn. Recording secretary of Junior Red 
Cross; Masoma. 

ROBERT KING — Ambition is to be a mechanical engi- 
neer; interested in basketball, football, shop and math 
best pals, Cecil Gibson and Richard Miller. 

ELEANOR KINNEY — A sparkling personality from 133 
interested in commercial work. Senior Council member; 
club editor of Senior Booster ; four-year veteran of 
weekly Booster ; secretary of French Club ; Top Ten, Cam- 
era, and Masoma. 

MARY KITCHELL — Collects poems and songs, but she 
hopes to be a nurse. Her girl friends are Ruth Kitchel, 
Thelma Slifer and Betty Sullivan.. Girl Guard. 

RUTH KLEINSCHMIDT— Is interested in English and 
business training, as she desires a secretarial position. 
Pals with Gertrude Schleicher and Margaret Schroder. 
Business Girls' Club. 

JAMES KOHL — The villain of our class has only one 
ambition — to get his social security. Loudest trombone 
player in school. Often seen with George Weber. Vice- 
president of the Music Club; Mask and Wig; Roines. 

DOROTHY KOTTKAMP— Ambitious to work in a big- 
office. Dorothy really has that swing when she dances. 
Skating and swimming are also her favorites. Type 
award ; treasurer of Business Girls' Club ; Masoma. 

FRANCIS KRITSCH — Lovely leading lady of "The 
Youngest." Her ambition is to travel far away. Repre- 
sentative of 135; secretary of Art Club; Forum; Ma- 

GEORGE KUNKEL— One reason why Union Street is 
so noisy. This ambitious lad always has his lessons. His 
middle name is Fun. Likes skating and billiards. 

ROBERT KUNTZ — Always has something to sell, yet 
Robert is a very popular boy. He wants to be a million- 
aire. Likes math and takes plenty of it. Ticket agent of 
135; letter in football; Roines. 

ROBERT KUTZNER — His hobby is to kill innocent little 
bugs — then study them under a microscope. He also de- 
velops pictures. Spends a lot of time in the machine 
shops. Pals with Robert Kluger. 

MARIAN LAND — Takes home nursing and sewing, yet 
wants to be a secretary. Another senior girl that has a 
flock of friends. Pals with Norma Jean. Music and 
Masoma clubs. 

MAXINE LANG — An ardent sports fan who likes basket- 
ball especially. Wants to be a secretary, so she favors all 
commercial subjects. Likes history- Pals with Bertie 
Caylor. Odd Number and Masoma clubs. 

NORMA JEANNE LAWSON — Another one of Manuals' 
feminine bicyclists. Will make a good secretary for 
some big business man. Her favorite subject is Light. 
Music, Home Economics and Glee Clubs. 

EVELYN LEE — The best tap dancer ever to truck into 
the halls of Manual. Imagine a G. L. M. or gym show 
without Babe! She has an outside interest at the Indi- 
anapolis Star. Glee Club. 

VIDA LEE — Another famous lady behind the scenes. 
She really knows how to make up the cast. Has many in- 
terests such as politics, dramatics, and journalism. 
Mask and Wig, Odd Number, and Masoma clubs. 

WILLIAM LEUKHARDT — Billy is going to Purdue next 
year. His sax is made of his Top Ten buttons. Doubles 
on clarinet and drum in band; pals with Bob Rooker; 
excellent pianist ; class song leader ; likes math. Camera, 
German and Roines clubs. 


MOSES LEVY — One reason why the Forum Club needs 
a sergeant-at-arms. One of the likeable lads around 
Manual. Our future big business man. Choir and Or- 
chestra; Forum, Music and Latin clubs. 

LLOYD LEWIS— The big little drummer in thePepBand 

hopes in lie a second Fred Astaire. lias many friends. 
Tail dancer in Show Boat, l.ikes short hours. Gym Club. 

ALICE LINDLEY — Enjoys fishing. She considers Vidi 
Lee tier host friend at Manual. Has a great ambition t* 
become a school teacher. Simply doles on history. Vice 
president of Manual Friends of Reading. Forum. 

ELIZABETH LOCKHART — Much interested in danchu 
and swimming. Desires to be an A-l Stenographer. Pali 
around with Maxine Lyons and Mable Coonfield. Eliza 
both has found commercial subjects intriguing. Forum 

MILDRED LOCKWOOD — Has previously attended St. 
John's Academy. Finds communication with foreign coun- 
tries most interesting. Mildred wants to abate the illness 
of others by becoming a nurse. Member of Masonia Club. 

MARJORIE LOWE — Main ambition to lie a housewife, 

but will consider the career of a stenographer. Best pals 
— Leola, Vivian, and Joyce. Received a lyre in music. 
Member of Masonia, Music, and Glee clubs. 

MAXINE LYONS — Though She is chiefly interested in 
commercial work, she finds time to show Leon he is of 
Interest loo. Seen in the halls with Elizabeth and Dor- 
othy. Member of business Girls' Club. 

EUGENE McCARTY — Aspires to become a business ex- 
ecutive. Received a sweater in basketball and also has 
a collection of Top-Ten buttons. Close chum of Paul 
Moehhnan; treasurer of the Roines; Forum Club. 

T1LMAN McCOURY — Greatest ambition to become 
post office clerk. Received a four-inch MT in footba 
Thinks Helen is a bit all right but finds time to 
mildly pacified with science and shop. Best pal, Jo. 

BEID McFALL — Persuasive "Oil" in "The Royal Fam- 
ily" wants to become an agricultural chemist. Aside from 
speech and chemistry he enjoys the friendship of many 
classmates. Reid is program chairman of the Camera 

EUWIN J. McGINNIS — Former Cathedralite, linds thai 
it is an honor to have attended Manual. Is fascinated 
by the activities of firemen. Sports and commercial 
geography take up his leisure. 

MERLE II. MCKINLEY— Pals around with Harry, Al- 
bert, and Larry. Derives great pleasure from his mem- 
bership in I he Rod and Reel, Military, Odd Number, 
Roines, and Debating clubs. Six-inch MT in track. 

CHARLES MANWARING — Greatly interested in nature, 
be wants to become a teacher of agriculture. Vice-presi- 
dent of Naturalist Club and secretary of Malh Club ; 
block M sweater; MT in track and basketball. 

JAMES MARIANOS — Member of the gridiron for which 
he received an MT. His main ambition in life is to become 
an engineer. Jim's leisure is devoted largely to sports. 
Military Club. 

BERMAN MARTLAGE — Ambition varies from that of 
most boys; he wants to lie a baseball player. He's almost 
always seen with Cecil and Harold. The Military Club 
is his chief means of occupying his leisure. 

**% n> n 

— Fifteen 

a e% o 

JAMES MASCHMEYER — Competent president of the 
Odd Number Club and an active member of Roines and 
Mask and Wig. Played the part of the well-dressed man, 
Herbert Dean, in "The Royal Family". Best pal, Gene. 

WILLIAM MATHEWS — Wants to smash the old saying 
that all politicians are crooked by being the first honest 
one. Besides studying law, Bill finds time to amuse 
himself with books and sports. 

MERRILL MATLOCK — Can you imagine Merrill an em- 
balmer? This is his pet ambition. Chums with Bob Thorne 
and Johnny Shane. Is inclined to favor history, track, 
and football. Gym Club. 

JOSEPH MEEHAN — Came here from Cathedral; seems 
to like us. Main interest is drawing; leans toward the 
job of a cartoonist ; plays baseball and basketball. Seen 
with Gene and Carol L. Art Club. 

ALLEENE MEYER — Waits every evening for Jack C. 
Aspires to be a beauty operator. Seems to like home 
economics. Struts with Madge and Hazel. Home Econom- 
ics and Shakespeare clubs. 

EVELYN MEYER — Enthusiastic about outdoor sports. 
She wants to become a good secretary. Also likes senior 
speech. Is seen with Viv and Maedean. German and H. Y. 
S. clubs. 

RUTH JANE MEYERS — Likes knocking ten pins 
around; also makes movie fashion scrapbooks. Hopes 
to be secretary to a famous surgeon. Pals with Lillian 
Rietei and Loretta Bustle. Business Girls' and Home 
Economics clubs. 

HAZEL MILLER — Collects old coins instead of new. 
Has the novel idea of becoming a nurse. Special friends 
are Alleene and Gerry. Former vice-president of German 
and Shakespeare clubs. Favors German and household 

JOHN R. MILLER — Hobby seems to be art and drawing 
cartoons. Is one of those lone stars — likes his own com- 
pany and sticks to it. Would like to be a dentist or 
salesman. History and salesmanship are favorite sub- 

PAUL MOEHLMAN — If a sport begins with "B" this 
boy likes it. Commercial work is his best as he wants to 
be an accountant. Belongs to Odd Number and Roines. 
Lyre and two Top Ten pins. "The Royal Family." Eugene 
and Alvin best pals. 

BERNICE MONROE — Is right up in front when dancing 
or skating is mentioned. Favorite subjects are history 
and sewing. Promenades with Marion and Kathleen. 
Wants to work in a department store. Forum Club. 

VIRGINIA MORROW — Seems to like her bike and cer- 
tain books. Seeks the career of a beauty operator. An 
active member of Forum and Latin clubs. 

RUTH MOW WE — One of those outdoor girls. Ambitious 
to be a personnel director. Associates with Anna, Mary 
K. and Carl K. Secretary of Business Girls' Club; Ma- 
soma and Music clubs. 

VANCE MULL — One of those machine-minded fellows. 
Skates and swims a lot. Jack S. and Ed C. compose two- 
thirds of this trio. R. O. T. C. and Military Club. 

SUSAN MUNS — Favors reading, English and shorthand. 
Ambitious to be a good stenographer. Enjoys company 
of Lora and Virginia Eaton. 


RICHARD MURPETC "Chesty" is His Honor, the Pres 
ilfiii of Forum Club. Fechtman and "Chesty" staged ti 
famous filibuster al a club meeting. Probably Jusl pra 
tlslng for liis life work as an Indiana Senator. 


in January to pursue her 
i.ii work. Known as ;i hart 

MORRIS NAHM1AS — Has decided since these panels 
went in the engraver thai he will return to Manual next 
year for college entrance requirements. This membei 
of the football and track teams has aquired three Frenze 
medals in gym. Aspires to be a salesman. 

NELSON \V. NEAL — Sonic day Nelson hopes to be editoi 
of liis own newspaper. Quail Krick Johnnie has been <>i 
the Booster staff for two years and is the presenl editor 
In-chief. Forum Club; News correspondent. 

Acton, Indiana. His best 

sferred to Manual from 
is Quail Krick Johnnie, 
Dave desires to become 
the Boys' Gym Club. 

THOMAS NICHOLAS — Tommy lias received many 
awards in all Sports. Aspires to become a machinist, 
lias been in the Gym Club for four years and has -one 
out for i rack three years. Norman Burger is his besl pal. 

MARCILE NICHOLS — Perhaps you will soon see Marcile 
as saleslady in a downtown department store. Much in- 
terested in ballroom dancing and in salesmanship; she 

EILEEN O'DWTER — Molly and Eileen are inseparable. 
This little lady desires to become a nurse. lakes to skate, 
dance, and lake part in the G. L. M. shows. Member of 
H. Y. S. Club. 

RAYMOND O'NEAL — If anyone is planning to build 
his own home, he may call on Raymond to do his interior 
decorating. Won recognition In National Art Exhibit. 
Solely interested in art. 

WILLIAM O'NEILL — Always seen with Wyant and 
Petroff. Takes big part in sports al Manual and has 
received numerous awards. Bill will put one over on the 
gang and become a business man. French Club. 

ADELINE OSMAN — Adeline hopes to supply Manual 
girls with wardrobes from her dress shop in the future. 
Hoes quite often with Vida Lee to the Indiana Ballroom. 
Interested in dancing and tennis. 

ALBERT OSMAN— The little hero of the varsity football 
team is planning to become a mechanical engineer in the 
near future; interested in football and basketball; Nice- 
president of Mathematics Club. 

MILDRED OTTING— "Mil" is the busy little helper in 

the salesroom. \'iv Schultz and Maedean Bullard join 
with Mil in rooting for Manual al basketball games. Per- 
sonals for Senior Booster. Junior Red Cross Club. 

ROBERT PARDIECK — Aspiring to win the K 

Speedway Race. Bob really goes in for automobile 

Belongs to the Shop. Military Training, and M; 
and Inlay clubs. 

LORA E. PARR — Lora and her red hai 

attractive air hostess on the commercia 
to read and takes part in church work. I' 
Root and Susan Muns. Home Economics 

inc. Likes 
ith Ginger 

* *** '<•#* 

m ^> 

ISADORE PASSO — "Izzie's" favorite pastime is reading 
the funny papers. Interested in many sports — basketball, 
ping-pong, bowling, and billiards. Pals with "Moe" Nah- 
mias and Joe Meehan. 

MOLLY PASSO — A pal of Pat O'Dwyer. Interested in 
dress styling and dramatics. Appeared in "His First 
Shave." Mask and Wig, H. Y. S., Home Economics clubs. 

LUCILE PERDUE — A welcome addition to our class who 
hails from Sumner County High School where she was 
a member of tbe Literary Club. A future beautician. Seen 
often with Frances, Julia, and Berniee. 

PAULINE PERRY — A girl who believes in doing things 
thoroughly, having taken four years of French and sev- 
eral semesters of choir. Enjoys playing the piano and 
reading. French and Music clubs. 

BORIS PETROFF — Tall, dark, and athletic; block M 
winner ; member of Senior Council ; one of the Barney, 
Bill, and Boris trio; intends to be a certified public ac- 
countant ; very proud of his Top Ten pin. 

ARTHUR PHELAN — A block M winner for three years 
of football. In years to come we may see bridges built, 
by Art, for his goal is engineering. Best friends are Pat, 
Frank, and Dutch. Owns a Top Ten pin. 

RALPH PHILLIPS — Three years of basketball; one 
year of football. Desirous of being an electrical en- 
gineer. Hansing and Phelan are Ralph's partners in 

LAYTON PORTER — An earnest science student and fu- 
ture electrical engineer who also dabbles deeply in radio 
and amateur photography. A pal of Bob Sickels and By- 
ron Corey. Camera, Radio, Chess and Checkers clubs. 

JOHN PRESTON — In 1945 many of us may be buying 
groceries at John's store, for he intends to manage one. 
At the present, however, he's more interested in swim- 
ming and activities of the Naturalists' Club. 

RUDOLPH PRICE — This red-head's intended vocation 

is jewelry; avocation, photography. Treasurer of the 

German Club. Paul Moehlman, Alvin Wegner, and Ru- 
dolph are buddies. 

FRANCES PRUITT — Finally decided on Manual after 
trying Trafalgar, Tech and Warren Central high schools. 
Has a fascinating scrapbook of interior decorating. A 
clium of Lucile Perdue and Julia Wonders. 

GRACE PRYOR — Grace has a lot of fun riding a bicycle 
and swimming. Salesmanship is her favorite subject and 
she intends to use it in the future. Seen quite often with 
Marjorie Wineman. 

ROLLA PRYOR — Remember this long lanky lad as 
Grandpa Coy in the G. L. M. show? Former vice-presi- 
dent of Shop Club and member of Military Club. Com- 
pletes the Finchum, Stewart, and Pryor triumvirate. 

HAZEL RAGAN — A member of that group known as the 
Odd Number Club. Will tell you sincerely that English 
is her favorite subject, that she is a good friend of 
Blanche, and that she is interested in Harold P. 

JOYCE RAHM — The last word in style, Joyce is vice- 
president of the Y Section of the Junior Red Cross and 
has been a member of the Glee Club for five semesters. 
Possesses a Tap Ten button. 


KATHERINE RAIKOS- A girl who has H 

e making 

a fine stenographer — and that's her anibil 

ion. Meml 

of Business Girls' Club. Former treasure 

• of Man 

Friends of Reading. Master Typist's Certifi 


RICHARD RANDALL— Richard came to 

is from 1 

Davis High School. Wants to be an aviator 

for a priv 

company. A good friend of Tames V. Interest* 

d in mach 

shop and physiography. Camera Club. 

ALLEN REDNOUR— Allen came all the wt 

y from M 

ttnsville High. Hi' evidently enjoys traveling 

.' because 

ambition is to drive a cross-country May 

lower tin 

Enjoys foundry and machine shop. 

IVAN REDNOUR — Ivan enjoys fishing and 

is an ard 

baseball fan. In school he prefers physics 

ind gym. 

hopes to make railroad engineering his lift 


[RENE REIMER — "Reney" lias a large variety of in- 
terests. Among them are sewing, skating and dancing. 
lias taken pari in G. 1.. M. and gym shows. A member 
of Music Club, Girls' Glee Club, and presidanf of Gym 

JAMES RHUDE— James is of the Sanders. Sauter. Red- 
nour, Rhude, and Figley gang. His worthwhile aim is 

to he a mortician. 

NOBEL RICHARDSON — The young man from Franklin 
High School who wants to become a radio artist. Hi 
tends toward the musical line and likes to write songs 
and play the piano. Often seen with Denzil and Marion. 

LULU RICOS — One girl whose personality will certainlx 
help her to fulfill her ambition to become a saleslady. 
She enjoys dancing and tennis. Has participated in sev- 
eral Mask and Wig (Muh plays. A member of Mask and 
Wig and Speech Arts Club. 

JOHN RIECK — He prefers one girl, named Pauline. His 
goal in life is to be a chemist ; consequently his favorite 
subjects are chemistry and mathematics. Member of 
Science (Tub. Choir. Roines. 

LILLIAN RIETEL — An energetic girl who enjoys skat- 
ing and hiking and who has the ambition to lie a private 
secretary. Holds membership in Business Girls' and 
Home Economics clubs. Pals are Loretta and Ruth. 

SIDNEY ROBERTSON- Interested in the sciences as 
well as sports. Wishes to follow the medical profession. 
Has received block M's for four years of football and 
two years as student manager. Member and actor of 
Mask' and Wig Club; treasurer of Odd Number Club. 

WILFRED ROBINSON — Brillianl football, basketball, 
and baseball star. All-city. Purdue Medalist Grid mentor 
aspirant. Could enter business selling block M sweaters. 
Koines medal winner. 

CERALDINE ROE — "(Jerry*' has many interests, but 
she prefers to play the piano, read, and dance. Her am- 
bition is to be a beauty operator. Girls' Glee Club: 
treasurer of Red Cross (VI; Masoma. Pals with Mildred 
and Bud. 

ROBERT ROOKER — The class will-maker is a swind- 
ler of the Pei> Band. He has received two Top Ten pins 

and has been in band seven semesters. Appeared in the 
C. I.. M. Show Boat. Roines. 

YVONNA RUTH — Ballroom dancing and skating are 
her favorite pastimes. She is gifted with the rare ability 
to listen instead of talk. Best pal is "Jo" Eaton. Member 
of H. Y. S. 

THOMAS RYAN — "Tommy" attends all Manual's basket- 
ball games. Enjoys them and Mr. Moffat's English 
classes. Desires to become a commercial artist. Pals with 
"Sid". Secretary of Odd Number Club. 

MARGARET SANSONE — This little lady would like to 
be a stenographer and we know she will' be a good one. 
Her favorite subjects are machine calculation and book- 
keeping. Member of the H. Y. S. 

CHARLES SAUTER — This member of the Gym Club 
wants to be a farmer or wood-worker. His hobby con- 
sists of collecting odd articles and rare coins. 

JOHN SAUTER — His interests center around drawing. 
John would like to be a mechanic, so shop and drafting 
ure his favorite subjects. Boys' Gym Club. 

MARY \LICE SAUTER — Ambition is to be a designer. 
Interested in dancing, ping-pong, bicycling and speech. 
Mask and Wig, Odd Number, Masoma. 

ARTHUR SCHLANZER— Has the wonderful ambition to 
become a salesman and big business man. Is often seen 
around school with his two best pals, George Kunkel and 
Simon Goodman. 

GERTRUDE SCHLEICHER — Member of the Business 
Girls' Club. She is interested in typing and hopes to be 
a stenographer. Pals are Ruth and Margaret. 

ANNA SCHNEPP — Anna hopes to be a stenographer. 
Her favorite subjects are type and office training. Ma- 
soma and Business Girls' clubs; Top Ten pin: Master 
Typist Certificate. 

MARGARET SCHROEDER — Pals with "Margie" and 
Mildred. Is planning to be a saleswoman. Favorite sub- 
jects are home economics and commercial. Home Econ- 
omics Club. 

VIVIAN SCHULZ — A loyal follower of all Manual teams 
and member of the "Jovial Four" — Meyer, Otting, Schulz 
and Bullard. "Viv" is president of the H. Y. S. and his- 
torian of the Glee Club. Plans to be a nurse — hm-m-m a 
singing nurse. 

ROBERT SCHWOMEYER — The boy with personality 
plus. Main interests are fishing and dramatics. His am- 
bition is to become a stage, radio or movie star. Best 
pal is T. W. Tedrowe. Mask and Wig, Rod and Reel, 
Roines clubs. Villain in "The Youngest." 

HELEN SELLS — One of our seldom-seen, seldom-heard, 
but popular girls. Wants to be a librarian. Interested 
in French and history. Best friends are Jane Flora, 
Dolores Brizendine, and Nina Switzer. Masoma and 

ANNETTA SEULEAN — "Neta" hopes to be a surgeon. 
Favorite subjects are medicine, foods and typing. Her 
interests are in swimming, tennis and horseback riding. 
0;ld Number, Red Cross and Camera clubs. 

JANE SHIREY — Enjoys tennis, swimming and read- 
ing. Pals with Betty Miller, Annetta Seulean and Eileen 
O'Dwyer. Jane's a member of the Naturalists' and G. Y. 
M. clubs; formerly assistant Booster agent of 217. 

ELNORA SHIRLEY — Elnora really rides a mean bicycle 
when she is not busy with her scrapbooks. Favorite sub- 
jects are salesmanship, office training, and clothing. Ma- 
soma and Home Economics clubs. 


JUANiTA SHOEMAKER — Aspiring to be u jeweler, is 
gem herself. Seen in the company of Gladys and Elnori 
except when the boy friends are around. Loves to dano 
Masoma and Glee Club. 

EUGENE SHORT — Hopes to enter the newspapei 
Cession lis a reporter. Game to Manual from Soutl 
An enthusiastic member of the Rod and Keel Club. 

ION SIMS — Attempts to loaf in the locker rooi 
;ixth period. If he doesn'1 know better, ii musl b 

company he keeps. Quite a woman killer, especiall 
le lunchroom. Forum, Science, and Hod and Re< 

KAI.IMI SISSON — God's gifl t< 


en? Tall, dark, and 

Intelligent, Extremely fortunate 

to b 

e blessed with such 

a pleasing personality, should s 

o Ear 

in his chosen field. 

Koines, odd Number. 

GLADYS SMITH — According to "Smitty", her outs 
Interest is a secret. Let's hope he is nice. Among 
main friends, Mary and Juanita rate first. She re; 
likes skating. Business Girls' club. 

big tuba. Corn t'^i\ 

years in the band c 
wonder how he sta> 
ers, Koines, and Mb 

— Keeps the Pep Band peppy with his 
lill-billy in the G. L. M. show. Loin 
used Dick lo be awarded a lyre. \S't 
ed awake so Ions'. Chess and Check- 
I hematics clubs. 

CARL VERNON SNIDER — Vernon desires to become 
pharmacy expert ; be is already an expert soda jerk< 
A very able and capable worker is he. K. O. T. C. Clu 

RICHARD SOHN— An ill wind (?) that blows some 
good. Puts plenty of -stuff" on his trumpet. Four years 
of band should cause improvement. Never seen twice with 
the same girl. Secretary of the Hi-V Club. 

MAKY SPRENGER — Manual winner of the Constitution- 
al Essay Contest. Another young lady who wishes to be- 
come a librarian. Attendance secretary of the Odd Num- 
ber Club. Pals with Edna and Mary .lane. Masoma. 

EDNA SPRINGLER— "Pudgy" is willing to do all sorts 
of commercial work. Her interests are usually tall and 
dark; her hobby, dancing. A very good friend of "Mary- 
beth". Member of the Business Girls' Club. 

MAKY STEEB — More than often seen in the company 
of Petty. Dot. and Burn. Mary wishes to become a librar- 
ian. German Club. 

NATHAN STEIN — Includes a Frenzel medal in his p 
sessions. Can really play basketball. Desires to hi 
sessions. Can really (V) play basketball. Desires to h; 
a successful business career. Camera Club. 

ALICE STEINER — one of the future stenographers <>l 
our class. Is always seen with Marie Whitley, Norms 
Skillman, or Petty Reed. Member of the Camera Club 
president, Manual friends of Reading. 

.TACK JULE STEPHENSON— Has attended high school- 
in Toledo. Ohio, and Colorado Springs, Colorado, lb 
wants to be a professor; enjoys I raveling and football. 
Best friend is Vance Mull. 

HARRIET STEWART— Very much interested in ail. 
which she intends to make her profession. Runs around 
with Joyce Rabin and Margaret Dongus. Vice-president 
of the Business Girls' Club; Masoma; Art; Camera. 

1 ^ 


KATHRYN STEWART — One of those tall, tan, terrific 
gals; her favorite subject is commercial. She intends to 
become an efficient office worker. Best friends are Alma 
and Dorothy. Business Girls' and Home Economics. 

ROBERT STEWART — A former Lapel High School stu- 
dent who has an ambition to see the world from an air- 
plane. Interested in swimming and football. Pals with 
Rolla Pryor and Kenny May. 

HOWARD D. STIOKFORD — Came here from Medora 
High School. He is greatly interested in electricity and 
wants to become an electrician. Best friends are Emmetl 
Werner and Boh Stewart. Treasurer of Mathematics Club. 

ROBERT STRIGGO — A frequent attender of the River- 
side rink. Bob is going into the business world as a 
jeweler. He is closely associated with Bob Stringer and 
Tommy Ryan. Art Club. 

SYLVIA STUDEBAKER — Wants to become a stenog- 
rapher. She has a yearning for an old Manual grad and 
commercial work. Pals, Mildred Hull and Adeline Os- 
man. Booster agent; Masoma; Business Girls'; Top Ten. 

YERYL STURDEYANT— One of the reasons for the gray 
hair in Mr. Millikan's head. Some day hopes to become 
Secretary of State. He always has alibis on hand re- 
gardless of time, place, or situation. Best pal is Gilbert 

BETTY SULLIVAN — Has a very great weakness for 
black-haired boys and ballroom dancing. Some day hopes 
to hook a black-haired millionaire. Her pals are Vonita 
Loveless, Ruth Kitchell, and Clarabell Younkouns. 

MARTHA SUMMEIER — A commercial teacher of the fu- 
ture who wants to be a good automobile driver. One of 
Manual's many bicycle enthusiasts; she is frequently seen 
with Wilma, Violet, and Thelma. German and Camera 

EDWARD SWEENEY — The Lowell Thomas of our class 
who is interested in all types of sports. Favorite studies 
are art and senior speech. Favorite friends are Bill De- 
vore, Herman Jeffries, and Ray O'Neal. Glee Club. 

NINA SWITZER — Intends to enroll at Butler to become 
a librarian. Pals with Edith Morgan and Annetta Seu- 
lean. Recording secretary of the Forum Club ; Masoma ; 
fourth in All-State Band Contest; mother in "The 

ROBERT M. TAYLOR — Says one Taylor in Hollywood 
is sufficient, so lie aspires to become a diamond star. 
Seen with Dick Yeager, Dewey Donovan, and Steve 
Baker. Member of the Art and Camera clubs. 

ALBERT TEAL — A somewhat quiet member of 217 who 
is going to be an accountant. Pals with Dick Yeager and 
Vernon Snider. Member of the Odd Number Club and a 
recipient of a Top Ten button. 

WILLIAM TEDROWE — Better known as "T. W.", wants 
to be a chemical engineer. In Show Boat, Red Cross and 
class plays. Mask and Wig, Music and Naturalists' clubs. 
Pals, Schwomeyer and Shaaber. "The Youngest". 

MABLE THOMAS — Always seen skating at Riverside. 
Prefers history and shorthand. In orchestra five semes- 
ters. Seen with Hazel Miller. 

THELMA THOMPSON — Small but mighty with Wayne. 
One of Manual's best art students. Won a scholarship to 
art school. Danced in four G. L. M. productions. Pals 
with Helen Regenstreif. 


VIOLET THROM — Violet's ambition is to teacli scl I. 

She enjoys playing the piano. Received certificate awards 
In type and Latin. Seen with Wilma Wellman. Red Cross, 
Shakespeare, and Masoma. 

HELEN TIPTON— Enjoys skating ami 
to he a stenographer. Likes short hand, 
elasses. Goes around with Alma Wegner 

dinn-. Wants 
s. and foods 

EDWARD TOURNAGIS — Manual's bashful hoy. Wants 
to be an orchestra leader. In the school and "Pep" bands. 
Received a lyre tor music. Chess and Checker and Music 
clubs. Pals with "Smithy." 

MARY VINCI — Wants to he 
attorney. Favorite subjects ar 
Friends are Gladys Smith ai 
Girls' Club. 

MAGDALENE VITTORIO — Ambition to be a stenogra 
er. Enjoys swimming and reading. Likes history 
business 'law. Seen with Mary Vinci. French, Bush 
Girls' and Junior Red Cross clubs. 

MARY VULK — Better known as "Stuff". Ambition 
do social work. Speech is her favorite subject. "Kate" 
"The Youngest." Always seen with Regina Bauchle. Ma 
and Wig; H. Y. S. 

HARRY WALTHER — A well-known accordionist at 
Manual. He is interested in writing popular music. Likes 
ping-pong. Music Club, Roines. Pals with Kohl, Brink. 
Weber, and "Infatuated" Bottin. 

MARGARET E. WALTON — Has a bobby of collecting 
scrap books. Also likes bicycle riding. Pals with Elnora. 
Prefers salesmanship to all other subjects. Choir four 
semesters. Business Girls'. 

DOROTHY WEAVER — Her ambition is to become i 
stenographer. Likes biology best of all. Enjoys sewing 
Seen around the halls with Betty. Mary, and Mable. 

MARGARET L. WEBBER — First enjoyment is drama 
tics. Gwen in "The Royal Family". In Mask and Wi{ 
Club productions. Camera Club and Red Cross X, Boostei 

GEORGE WEBER — Wants to own a Lincoln Zephyr. 
Took part in G. L. M. show. Prefers mathematics and 
science. Pals with "Geek" Kohl and "Casanova" Kuntz. 
Roines and Music Club. 

WALTER WEBER — The "boxer" of our class. Took part 
In the Golden Gloves Tournament. Likes chemistry. 
Wants to be a research chemist. Pals are .lames Frank- 
lin and Leo Ferraro. 

DONALD WECHSLER— Likes baseball and model air- 
planes. Hopes to be an aviation ground mechanic. Fa- 
vorite subject is shop. Best pal is Nobel Richardson, Dun 
■s a member of Marquetry and Inlay Club. 

\.LMA WEGNER — Enjoys gym work and picture making. 
K former Manualite furnishes heart interest. Wants to 
)e a secretary. Best pals are Helen Tipton and Irene 
Reiiner. Attendance secretary of Camera Club; G. V. 
SI. ; Home Economics Club ; H. Y. S. 

\LYIN WEGNER — Hopes to become a certified public 
iccountant. Likes to take trips and bowl. Interested in 
>ookkeeping and commercial law. Seen with Stucky and 
tfoehlman, Top Ten button; Odd Number Club ; "The 
Etoyal Family". 


EMMETT WERNER— Likes anything connected with 
drafting-, shoi> and swimming. Wants to become a Diesel 
engineer. Usually seen with John Sauter and Bernie 
Baker. Is a member of the Marquetry and Inlay Club. 

WILMA WELLMAN — Enjoys commercial subjects and 
secretarial work. Best pals are Violet Throm and Thelma 
Wiebke. Plays the piano and collects Indian head pen- 
nies. Top Ten; Business Girls', and Masoma. 

VIRGINIA WHARTON — Here is one girl who wants to 
do her work well, whatever it may be. Likes dancing and 
shows. Seen with Evelyn, Norma and Martha. Art, Busi- 
ness Girls' and Camera clubs. 

ROBERT WHITE — Came to Manual from Bloomington 
High School. Interested in nature study, he hopes to 
become a landscape gardener. Likes science and commer- 
cial law. A good friend of Al Smith. 

MARIE WHITLEY — Interested in boys, especially Cliff. 
Has master typist's certificate and wants to be a good 
professional typist. Usually seen with Martha Williams 
and Gertrude Todd. Member of Business Girls' Club. Ma- 

LLOYD WICKLIFF — Seen at Manual with Bob Iverson 
and Bob Zimmer. Likes automobile racing and girls at 
Shortridge. Hopes to make his race car, Jeep Junior, 
run. Formerly hot-lick clarinetist in Band A. Camera 


THELMA WIEBKE — Wants to be a secretary or buyer 
in a large store. Likes commercial subjects and history. 
Best friends are Violet Throm, Wilma Wellman, and 
Martha Summeier. Treasurer of Red Cross ; president of 

MARTHA WILLIAMS — Wants to be another Ginger 
Rogers. Likes dancing, swimming and skating. Favorite 
subject is personal regimen. Best pals are Marie Whitley 
and Virginia Wharton. A member of the H. Y. S. Club. 

MABEL WINANS — A girl that really likes to cook. 
Wants to be a food demonstrator. Favorite subjects art 
foods and clothing. Also likes reading and skating. Best 
friends are Helen Tipton and Dot Buchles. Home Eeon- 
Dmics Club. 

MAR.TORIE WINEMAN — Would like to be another Lilly 
Dache. Favorite subjects are art and millinery. Likes to 
play tennis, ride a bicycle and read. Favorite friend 
Grace Pryor. Camera Club. 

LESTER WINZENREAD — Red is interested in all sports 
and models. AVants to become a tool and die maker. Fa- 
vorite subject is machine shop. Best pals are Raymond 
Hider and Bill Mathews. Lyre for work in Band A. Hi-Y 


JULIA WONDERS — Likes swimming, tennis, sewing, 
bicycle riding, and skating. Wants to become a dress- 
maker or saleswoman. Favorite subjects are millinery 
and clothing. Member of Home Economics and Camera 


MARVIN WYANT — Our flashy forward whose hobbies 
are basketball and stamp collecting. AVants to be a high 
pressure salesman. Enjoys the company of Petroff, O'Neil 
and Zimmer. Secretary of Service Club ; Band ; block 
"M" in track and basketball. 

H. RICHARD YEAGER — An aspiring band president. 
Hobbies are jewelry making and swimming. Selects Bob 
Taylor and Mary Alice Sauter as best friends. Top Ten 
button. Favorite subjects are jewelry and art. Member 
of Boys' Glee Club. 

ERNEST DENZIL YOUNG — Wants to become a good 
draftsman. Likes to read and draw plans of houses. Best 
pals are Marion Sims and Bud Stewart. Mathematics 
Club; vice-president of German Club; five Top Ten but- 


ROBERT ZIMMBR— Goes in to 

inc in a bis way. Usually seei 


■Speck" Pet 
club. Bam 



ling and 

MARY ZIMMERMAN— Likes fishing, bicycle i 
b boy who lives in the land of sunshine. Interested In 
public health work. President of Naturalists' Club; sec- 
retary of G. L. M.: secretary of Mask and Wig; Top 
Ten; "The Royal Family". May queen attendant. 

a mechanic, an aviator, or a draftsman. Likes to make 
furniture and repair watches. Best pals are Richard 
leager and Bob Weimer. Favorite subjects are shop and 



December 7, 1937 


Processional Orchestra A 

Class Song 1 Words by Dorothy Egger 

Senior Group__Mary Zimmerman, George Weber. Genevieve Guenther. Richard 
Bauchle, Thclma Wiebke, James Kohl. 


Spirit of Manual Frank King 

Bearers of banners Members of the Class of 193S 


Music Dorothy Egger and Mary Lois Allee 

The Ivy Vine Jack Shaaber, Vice-President 

The Ivy of 1938 Norman Burger, Vice-President 

Ivy Day Poem Boyd Collins 

The Presentation of the Ivy and the Return of the Trowel to Mr. McComb 
Edgar Siegel, President of the Class 

Acceptance Mr. McComb 

Song by audience On Manual 

Recessional Orchestra A 


Tune of "Harbor Lights" 
We plant our ivy vine, 
And hope we'll see it always climbing. 
This one dear ivy vine, 
That we'll revere always. 

Tho' in the years to come, 

We may forget our present friendships. 

Remember Ivy Day, 

'Twill bring us near again. 

To Manual's memory we dedicate this day. 
To E. M. T. H. S. here's loyalty for age. 

And to our ivy vine. 

We pledge an ever fond remembrance 

Its high ideals we gain 

With us fore'er will stay. 

— Dorothy Egger. 


As if they're trying to reach the sky. 
So grow the slender ivy vines ; 
Each year they grow a little more, 
And always ever upward climb. 
Although their jroal seems far away 
They never pause or downward look ; 
But bravely striving on their way, 
Obey the motto that we took. 

We too each year in someway grow. 
Advance in wisdom, strength, or deed: 
Inspired by the, O school, we vow, 
"We can, we must, we will succeed." 
And though the climb seems rough and : 
We never will our steps retrace ; 
But forward press with greater zeal : 
Our past forget ; our future face. 

— Bcyd Collins. 

— Twi 



Published by the June 1938 Class 


Emmerich Manual Training High School 


Editor-in-Chief _ Jimmie Angelopolous 

Assistant Editor Ruth Morgan 

Feature Writers Nelson Neal, Myrtle Brier, Doris Bra- 
bender, Edgar Siege], and Boyd Collins. 

Personals Stonko Angelkovich, David Fogle, Frank 

King, William Leukhardt, Dorothy Egger, Menka Guleff, 
Una Baskerville, Mary Lois Allee, Jane Flora, Merle Mc- 
Kinley, Jack Shaaber, Thomas Ryan, Veryl Sturdevant, 
Mildred Otting, Helen Sells, Mary Sprenger, Vivian 
Sehulz, Mary Zimmerman, Robert Fechtman, Paul Moehl- 
man, Nina Switzer. 

Typist Mildred Eggert 

Sports Elitor Eugene McCarty 

Assistant Orville Crane 

Club Editor Eleanor Kinney 

Photography Mr. Finch, Ruth Hummel, Reid McFall 

Adviser Miss Gretchen A. Kemp 


Business Manager William Patterson 

Assistants Wilfred Robinson and Menka Guleff 

Bookkeepers .... Anna Schnepf, Richard Yeager, Boris Petroff, 
Lulu Ricos, Richard Kerhoff, Elisabeth Lockhart, and 
Nina Marie Dresslar. 
Adviser _ Miss Helen Hayne- 


Manual, we thank thee ! 

For the opportunity to better our individual 
status, to secure the essential foundation of 
knowledge which we hope to exercise and aug- 
ment in the future, we are your debtors. A few 
short years ago we were tossed into the ' ' grinder 
of education" from which we emerged, though 
not a finished product, far in advance of our 
initial stage. 

Serving four years as understudies under the 
watchful guidance of our ever-encouraging 
faculty, we have enacted the part of a rolling 
magnetic sphere, gathering bits of knowledge 
that penetrated the intellectual capacities. Some 
of the retentive powers where high, others less 
coercive. We have made attempts — both fruitful 
and barren — in our various lines of endeavor. 
We have "borrowed" Manual's instruments to 
venture forth in our corresponding fields. For 
this we have been plunged into deep obligation 
to the lender, Manual. 

The theme of the June '38 senior class — 
Constantly Striving, Eventually Succeeding — ■ 
describes our uphill climb to the lofty heights 
of the ladder of success. During the course sin- 
cere efforts were made to attain the primary 
goal — that first step. Currently, we shall 'begin 
striving for increased altitude. 

Constantly striving for accuracy, straight- for- 
wardness, ingenuity, simplicity and persever- 
ance, we have established high hopes that we 
shall eventually succeed in our quests. 

Again, mindful of our indebtedness to you, 
Manual, we thank thee. 

—J. A. 


n e * ^ ' 


g ' £ P p 

1 If 

June '38 Senior Booster Staff 

Twenty-six — 

And Oo (croes ine 1 rib 


Four years ago with facial expressions not 
unlike wild fawns gazing for the first time upon 
the mystic wonders of the world, we timidly en- 
tered the portals of the big wigwam of E. M. T. 
±1. S. Here under the expert and wise guidance 
of Chief McComb and his staff of wise medicine 
men we were to develop into full grown Red 
skins. Like all good papooses, we endured the 
taunts and tricks of the older bucks and squaws 
in silence, without a murmur of protest, looking 
forward to the time when we woidd have the 
same privilege. Although outwardly we appeared 
nonchalant and indifferent, inwardly we were 
tense, and our hearts beat at an alarming tempo. 
In short we were scared stiff. 

Aiter the passing of many nioous, we finally 
entered our second year under the big tent. The 
timidness that we brought with us from the out- 
side world gradually disappeared as the shed- 
ding of leaves from the trees in the fall. We be- 
came more self-confident, one might say, bold, 
and witli a reckless air we set out to develop a 
war whoop that would reach far and wide. 

Again seasons passed and we were ushered 
into our semi-final year. By this time the medi- 
cine men had impressed upon us the purpose of 
that four-year cycle through which we were 
passing, and we commenced a year of intensive 
study. Gradually each of us with his various de- 
grees of talent began to become particularly ac- 
tive in the fields of his choice. 

Qualifying as full-blooded Redskins with a full 
headdress of feathers, we swooped into our last 
year with whoops that made the big wigwam 
quake from end to end. We held our powwows 
during the third period in 135 and 217, under 
the capable leadership of the Misses Knox, 
Brady, and Beck and Mr. Clayton. 

To lead us successfully through our first se- 
mester we chose the following officers: Edgar 
Siegel, president} Jack Shaaber and Norman 
Burger, vice-presidents; Jean Scott and Menka 
Guleff, secretaries; Boy Hibner and William 
O'Neill, treasurers. 

As all well-founded tribes must have a motto, 
we chose "Constantly Striving, Eventually Suc- 
ceeding," as an inspiration to lead us ever for- 

At the first meeting of our class, held in the 
auditorium in November, the gavel and trowel 

were presented to our president by Mr. McComb, 
and the other officers were then installed. Dur- 
ing this meeting, beautiful Cobalt blue was se- 
lected as our class color. 

We attended our first part of our Ivy Day 
with a dance in the boys' gym. The second part 
of Ivy Day was celebrated on December 2-i in 
the auditorium. On this occasion we wore for the 
first tune our arm bands, which were designed 
by Robert Kluger. Our class banner, designed by 
Raymond O'Neal, was also exhibited. 

The members of our class were given a chance 
to show their dramatic ability in the class play 
"The Youngest", which was staged on Novem- 
ber 19-20, under the direction of Mr. E. Edward 
Green and Mrs. Vivian L. Siener. 

After a successful first semester, we entered 
our final term under the big wigwam. In order 
to make the coming term as successful as the 
first, Edgar Siegel was reelected president; Jack 
Shaaber and Erank King, vice-presidents; Men- 
ka Guleff and Ruth Morgan, secretaries; Roy 
Hibner and Jean Scott, treasurers. Other offices 
were filled by James Moschmeyer, prophet ; 
Robert Hooker, will maker; Doris Brabender, 

On March 24-25, several actors and actresses 
were discovered among our members during the 
presentation of the second class play, ' ' The Royal 
Family", under the direction of Mr. E. Edward 
Green and Mrs. Vivian L. Siener. 

Class Day, which closed our social activities, 
was held on May 27. Exercises were held in the 
auditorium, and the customary dance followed. 

Thus came to an end the eventful four years 
spent in the big wigwam of higher education 
at Manual Training High School. In the fields 
of both athletics and scholarship, Manual Red- 
skins were both feared and respected. We now 
resign the duty of keeping aflame the Manual 
Redskins' traditions to the younger bucks and 
squaws. Meanwhile, equipped with the wisdom 
and knowledge taught us under the firm but 
kind eyes of Chief McComb and his staff, we 
shall go forth into the outside world, taking our 
place beside those who have gone before us. 
There we shall also make the world respectful 
and conscious of the spirit and courage that is 
symbolized by the word Redskins. 




Are Otage -N obility 

Xn JVaulman ~ £ erber x la 



A cast that put forth some really "royal" act- 
ing, an efficient group of stage workers and di- 
rectors, ambitious senior ticket salesmen, and 
the hearty support of the student body, com- 
bined to make "The Royal Family" a "royal" 
success. The three-act play, written by George 
Kaufman and Edna Ferber, portrays a family 
of actors the instigator of whom is Fanny Cav- 
indish, impressively played by Doris Brabender. 

All of her life Fanny had allowed nothing to 
interfere with her theatrical career, and she saw 
no reason why her daughter Julie, son Tony, 
and grand-daughter Gwen, realistically enacted 
by Mary Zimmerman, Jack Shaaber, and Mar- 
garet Webber respectively, should not do the 
same. Fanny had a will of iron and could make 
no allowances for the petty whims of others. 

Carefree Tony had no objections to perform- 
ing the duties of an actor so long as he could 
keep out of trouble. His life was one thrilling 
episode after another, episodes of his own crea- 
tion. Tony found no time to waste on family 
tradition. He stuck to the theater because it was 

Julie had been following in her mother's foot- 
steps until Gilbert Marshall, played by Reid 
McFall, awakened her to the fact that her per- 
sonal life was more important than her public 
one. Realizing the pleasure she had been missing 
and eagerly listening to all that Gilbert Mar- 
shall had to tell her, Julie then encouraged her 
daughter, Gwen, to give up her budding career 
and marry her young lover, Perry Stewart, por- 
trayed by Fred Henry. 

A great deal of spice was added to the play- 
by the excellent performances of James Maseh- 
meyer as Herbert Dean, who tried to resist his 

theatrical declination, and his wife, Kitty Dean, 
Jane Flora, who found frequent means of agi- 
tating her husband. Edgar Siegel gave a natur- 
al performance in the role of Oscar Wolfe, Julie s 
devoted director. 

The ideal servants for such a family were 
characterized by Dorothy Egger and Paul Moehl- 
man as Delia and Joe who were outstanding be- 
cause of the untroubled manner in which they 
performed their duties in a household of so mucn 
confusion. Robert Frazee, David Fogle, Alvin 
Wegner, Gladys Gillespie, and Francis Fitch 
also gave creditable performances. 

Even though interruptions had been plentiful, 
not one of the Cavendish family could resist the 
lure of the stage. Before the story closes they had 
all returned to their profession except the great 
Fanny Cavendish who had unswervingly con- 
tinued her career until the moment of her death. 

That the play was unusually well produced 
was greatly due to the efficient directing of Mr. 
E. Edward Green, Mrs. Vivian L. Siener, and 
Menka Guleff as well as the hard work of the 
cast and the back stage crew which was under 
the direction of Mr. Lewis Finch and Carl De 

The large audiences at the performances were 
the result of the work of the advertising com- 
mittee aided by Miss Helen Haynes, the pub- 
licity group headed by Miss Gretchen Kemp, 
Mr. Yeager's senior art classes, and all of the 
seniors who sold tickets. 

Business was taken care of by Miss Brady and 
;i committee of nine students. Miss Arda Knox 
efficiently directed the work of the ushers and 



_N orman .Durger ±.s Cinderella 
As X ne W orm 1 urns JLn JDaj 



Cinderella had nothing on Richard Winslow, 
the youngest of four children, characterized by 
Norman Burger in the senior class play success- 
fully produced in Manual's auditorium Thurs- 
day and Friday, November 18 and 19, 1937. 

"The Youngest," a comedy written by Phillip 
Barry, discloses the struggle of this poor boy 
to gain respect in his family of domineering 
brothers and sisters. 

Downtrodden by his insolent brother Oliver, 
Robert Schwomeyer, his spiteful sister, Augusta 
Winslow Martin, and her husband, Alvan Wins- 
low, played by Jean Scott and Stonko Angelo- 
vich, and his older brother, a socialite, enacted 
by William Tedrowe, Richard is rescued by his 
fairy godmother in the form of Nancy Blake, a 
scheming little busybody who is always interest- 
ed in changing the character of others, portrayed 
by Frances Kritsch. 

Mrs. Charlotte Winslow, the mother, enacted 
by Nina Switzer, was primarily interested in 
concealing the fact that they were a constantly 
wrangling family from her visitor, Nancy Blake. 
Other members of the cast included Menka Gu- 
leff as Martha "Muff" Winslow, and Mary Vulk 
as Katie, the maid, whose performances were 
highly creditable. Supplementing this excellent 
cast was Eustace, a genuine bloodhound, the 
prize possession of Nancy. 

The loves, hates, virtues, vices, joys, and sor- 
rows of this unusual family provided plenty of 
fast moving and hilarious entertainment for the 
spectators. Richard Winslow, under the sly di- 
rection of Nancy, finally subdues his family 
and obtains his proper place among them, and 
H in the process of doing so coyly wins the heart 
x of his instructor. Thus, like Cinderella, they 

G w ■ »> ■ ■> « 

Thirty-two — 

lived happily ever after. 

A great deal of credit for the success of the 
performances goes to the director, Mr. E. Edward 
Green, and student director, Margaret Webber. 
The appropriate costumes were chosen by Nel- 
son Neal, Molly Passo, Eileen Reimer, and Mar- 
tha Baker under the guidance of Miss Oenney. 
Properties were provided by Reid McFall, Lu- 
cille Drake, Dorothy Egger, Thomas Ryan, Sam 
Hyman, Nathan Stein, and Alice Steiner, aided 
by Miss Thornton. 

Clever posters advertising the play were made 
by Thelma Thompson, Harriet Stewart, Mary 
Alice Sauter, Herman Martlage, Delores Brizen- 
dine, Albert Burzlaff, Herman Jeffries, and 
Jean Scott, under the direction of Mr. Yeager. 

Miss Knox, as house chairman, was in charge 
of a crew of ushers and assistants. 

Miss Brady, aided by a committee of twelve 
from 217 and a committee of eleven from 135, 
played an important part by taking charge of 
the printing and selling of tickets. Edgar Siegel, 
Jimmie Angelopolous, Ruth Hummel, Ruth 
Morgan and Nelson Neal assisted Miss Kemp 
with newspaper publicity. 

Services of the advertising committee consist- 
ing of Roy Brfciides, Max Eversole, William 
Patterson, Elnora Shirley, Robert Striggo, 
Hortense Ruth, Margaret Walton, Julia Won- 
ders, and Frances Fitch, directed by Miss 
Haynes, as well as technical stage manager, Mr. 
Finch, and prompter, Mary Zimmerman, were 
greatly appreciated. 

Memories of a real dramatic hit scored by a 
group of familiar faces will long remain in the 
minds of the "38 seniors as one of their choice 
activities in a memorable year. 





— Thirty-three i 


. i 

Am tors 




i I 

Johnny J_,ets W isaom Xlow 

An Oage Advice JL o Seniors 

— by NELSON W. NEAL — 

For the too yeers I bin goin up here to Manual 
an ritin' a Quail Krick fer the Booster I think 
Iheir is bin 2 times what I got it in on time, so 
when Jimmie an Ruth ses : "Johnnie, how'sabout 
a Q. K. colyum fer the Sr. Booster?" I vowed 
rite then I'd git this las' one in on time, so here 
it is . . . late agin. 

When T sed I'd rite this I had not a nothing 
to rite 'bout so E. Siegel ses to talk about Con- 
verse, his ol' home stuff, but I aint sayin' noth- 
in' 'bout Converse cause their to dumm up there 
to even give rkugnishun too. Tha's rite, there 
so dumm up trere that when I asked one of 'em 
to join me in a glass of cold lemon-age he looks 
it me fer a spell an ses, "Well you git in furst 
an then I'll sea if'n there is any room left." 

But there aint no use fer me to go ramblin' 
on like this cause I jist no's all you kids 're 
waitin' fer the advice I'm goin' to give you on 
how to git along in life after you git out of 
sknol ... if you do . . . Whatch out now cause 
here cuius my flow of wisdom : 

'Bout the furst advice I'd like to give is to 
not be to certain or to defunate about nothin' 
cause snmtimes it has sum disasterous desult.s. 
I've always tuk a lesson on that frum too old 
min down to Quail Krick that was so accurite 
that a. purfictly good dual went to the wind 

It seems that these to ol' guys was the best 
shots in the county an both of 'em got in a argy- 
ment 'bout the whether. Well, they couldnt 
settul it no other ways so they jist tuk I here 
guns an went out in the woods by 'emselves an 
desided to fite it out to the finish. It's the cus- 
tnin in Q. K. that when in a dual you always 
shoot at the other guys left eye cause he is usein' 
his rite one to site down the barrel with. Well, 
they got back to back with there riffuls, took 
20 steps, turned 'round, took aim, an fired . . . 
hut 'inajun there surpreyes when they saw that 
neether one of 'em was even so much as creased. 
They was sort of ashaimed of 'emselves 'cause 
they was sich good shots but never hit nothin' 
that time, so they desided it'd be best to try 
agin . . . but ajrin neether one was hert. So this 
kept up fer 'bout twelve good rounds of am- 

munishun without eether bein' hit by 'tother an 
they finnuly desided that they'd better stop 
cause they's waistin' so much powder. Well, 
when they started toward each other to shake 
hands an call the hole thing off, what d'ya 
think they seen? There rite atwean 'em on the 
ground was a big pile of hot lead frum there 
guns. They had shot so straight at each others 
left eye that the bullits had met atwean 'sm an 
fell to the ground in a pile of hot led. 

My next advice is to always werk in sich a 
way so's you kin git the most benyfits frum 
what you do as you can . . . an I gotta story fer 
that'n too . . . an its 'bout my pop. 

Now my pop's the strongest man fer 20 miles 
'round Q. K. an ever mornin' he goes out on 
the banks of the krick with three axes an chops 
down i three-foot tree so's as to werk up a good 
appletite fer breckfist. He's so strong and chops 
the trees so fast that one ax gits hot an dull in 
'bout one minit of choppin' an he has to lay it 
in the krick to cool off while he uses a nother 
one. Well, when he lays one of them hot axes 
in the krick its so hot that the water jist biles 
an bubbuls all round it 'till he takes it out agin. 
Now he gits them axes so fastley heated up that 
the krick is jist kept bilin' up all the time. After 
he gits the water hot with those hot axes he goes 
home an eats breckfist an by the time he's throo 
with that the hot water in the krick is flowed 
down past our place ane he uses it to skald the 
hogs with when he butchers in the afternoons. 

J. Angelopolous hears ses his grammpa used 
to do the same thing, but the only diffurunce 
atwean his story an mine is that mine is the 
truth, s'help ine. 

Well I gotta stop this now cause there's only 
a few more days left till we gradjewate an I'm 
gonna, be awfull busy durin' that time in tryin' 
to git my shoos on. After T oncet git 'em on tho 
I'm not gonna take 'em off till we git throo 
gradjewatin' altho they hurts my feets. T like 
to have shoos on that hurts my feets tho 'cause 
it feels so good an peaceful when I oncet gits 
'em off. 


Quail Krick Johnnie. 


J V* « * * « 


The Roines Club, headed by 
Frank King, was established 
in 1314. Under the sponsor- 
ship of Miss Arda Knox this 
honorary organization of sen- 
ior boys is noted for its ser- 
vices to the school. The other 
officers of the club are Edgar 
Siegel, vice-president ; Paul 
Moehlman, secretary ; and Eu- 
gene McCarty, treasurer. 


Made up of honor students 
this girls' organization was 
formed in 1914. Under the 
supervision of Mrs. Ruth H. 
Shull, the club well expresses 
its code, "We Serve." Jean 
Scott, president, is assisted by 
Doris Brabender, vice-presi- 
dent; and Menka Guleff, sec- 

H. Y. S. CLUB 

Under the leadership of Viv- 
ian Schulz, these girls devote 
their time to the services of 
others. Christine Gershanoff, 
vice-president ; Jane Holl, re- 
cording secretary, treasurer ; 
Maedean Bullard, attendance 
secretary, and R e g i n a 
Bauchle, press agent, comprise 
the other officers. Miss Helen 
Tipton soonsors the club. 



Bill McCrary, president of the 
Service Club which \v;is found- 
ed in 1939, is assisted by Fred 
Roessler, vice-president ; Har- 
old Light, secretary-press ag- 
ent, and Eugene Heard, trea- 
surer. Performing various du- 
ties around school, hoys of 
this club for underclassmen 
well live up to their name. 
This organization is under th< 
sponsorship of Mr. Lewis 


Tlrs? boys are the Service 
Club Trophy Winners. The 
winning fall team, whose 
names are engraved on the 
Service Club cup, consisted of 
Boyd Collins. Robert Sickels, 
and John Raikos. Spring- 
winners were Merle McKinley. 
James Maschmeyer and Jack 


This club, founded in 1935, 
gives students an opportunity 
to prove their acting ability 
and to develop an apprecia- 
tion of drama under the direc- 
tion of Mr. E. Edward Green. 
Stonko Angelkovich, president ; 
Menka Guleff, vice-president ; 
Mary Zimmerman, secretary ; 
and Doris Brabender, treas 
urer, comprise the club's of- 

— Thirty-nine 


Under the direction of Mrs. 
Coral Taflinger Black, this 
club, founded in 1924 at Man- 
ual, has aided many. Their 
key words are "Service to 
Others" and "Friendship a- 
round the World" Officers are 
Virginia McSpadden, presi- 
dent ; Jane Flora, vice-presi- 
dent ; Eleanor Wiehke, attend- 
ance secretary; Joyce Ketch- 
uni, recording secretary ; Vio- 
let Throm, treasurer; and 
Ruth Hummel, press agent. 

i e P 


Boyd Collins leads Manual's 
division of this national or- 
ganization centering in the Y. 
M. C. A. Under the guidance 
of Mr. W. S. Barnhart this 
club creates, maintains, and 
extends throughout the school 
ruid community high standards 
of Christian character. Robert 
Frazee, vice-president ; Keith 
Wilson, recording secretary ; 
Glen Smith, attendance secre- 
tary ; and Robert Linson, 
press agent, are other officers 
of the Hi-Y. 


Miss Anna J. Schaefer super- 
vises the work of these girls 
in their correspondence with 
foreign children of the J. R. 
(\ and in local community 
projects. The club's officers 
are Lucille Cubel, president ; 
Joyce Rahm, vice-president ; 
Winifred Ragsdale, recording 
secretary ; Alice Hausinan, at- 
tendance secretary ; Geraldine 
Roe, treasurer ; and Edith 
Morgan, press agent. 



Established In 1933, members 
of this club under the direc- 
tion of Mrs. Schad, read and 

discuss their favorite books 
and authors. Alice Steiner. 
president, is supported by Al- 
ice Lindley, vice-presideni ; 
Irene Elkins, recording sec- 
retary ; Louise Works, attend- 
ance secretary; Phyllis Ter- 
rell, press agent; and Katti- 
erine Raikos, treasurer. 


The Forum Club members, un- 
der the guidance of Miss Ro- 
sanna Hunter, discuss local 
and national iiuestions of cur- 
rent interest. The officers of 
this organization are Richard 
Murphy, president ; Menka 
Guleff, vice-president ; Leo 
Browning, recording secretary- 
treasurer: Doris Larrison, at- 
tendance secretary : and Paul- 
ine Link, press agent. 


Comprised of girls interested 
in commercial activities, this 
club, under the direction of 
Miss Gertrude Lieber, hears 
addresses by business women. 
Leaders of the club are Ruth 
Fleck. president ; Harriet 
Stewart, vice-president ; Mary 
Jane Roeder, recording secre- 
tary; Virginia Hafer. attend- 
ance secretary; Dorothy Kott- 
kamp, treasurer ; and Donnie 
Douglas, press agent. 


U»^cf £*»Ks 


Betty Reid leads this club, 
founded in 1916, in the study 
of the background of the Lat- 
in language and the Roman 
people. Aiding the president 
are Mildred Alice Boyl, vice- 
iresident; Donald Fox, at- 
endance secretary ; Betty 
Biehl, recording secretary ; 
Moses Levy, treasurer ; and 

>nnie Douglas, press agent. 

lese students are under the 

pervision of Miss Elizabeth 

i vis. 


Organized in 1919, this club 
studies the life and customs 
of France. Ruth Morgan, pres- 
ident, is aided by Bessie Ro- 
senberg, vice-president ; El- 
eanor Kinney, recording sec- 
retary-treasurer, press agent ; 
and Helen Sells, attendance 
secretary. Mrs. Ruth H. Shull 
is sponsor. 


Germany provides a back- 
ground for the programs of 
this organization, under the 
guidance of Miss Violet R. 
Beck. This club was founded 
Miss Bertha Thormeyer. 
Alfred Hubert, president ; 
Denzil Young, vice-president ; 
Dorothy Elder, recording sec- 
retary ; Lelia Harlan, at- 
tendance secretary ; Edward 
Manning, treasurer ; and Dor- 
3thy Speicher, press agent, are 
the officers. 



Dnder the guidance of M 
Carl F. Hanske, this flu 
formed In 1919, offers Le< 
lures, motion pictures, ani 
demonstrations. Officers con 
gist of Frank King, president 
l-'rt'd Roessler, vice-president 
Betty Poppaw, recording sei 
retary-treasurer ; Sophie N 
mias. attendance secreta 
and Joseph Greenberg 


Mr. Robert L. Black directs 
these student nature lovers in 
I he study of animal life, 
plants. and the elements. 
Mary Zimmerman, president ; 
Charles ftfanwaring, vice-pres- 
ident ; Gayle Herner, record- 
ing secretary ; Hazel Hardcas- 
tle, attendance secretary: an 
Edward O'Nan, press agen 
are the officers of tilt 


Miss Arda Knox super 
this club which was organized 
for those interested in mathe- 
matics. Dorothy Egger, presi- 
dent; Albert Osman, vice-pres- 
ident ; Charles Manwaring. 
attendance secretary ; Irene 
Kuntz. recording secretary ; 
Howard Stickford, treasurer; 
and Joseph Galvin, press ag- 
ent, are the club leaders. 

— Forty-three 


Established in 1934, this club 
gives boys an opportunity to 
further their physical devel- 
opment. Officers are Dave 
Newman, president ; Dale Al- 
lanson, vice-president ; and 
Leo Costello, attendance sec- 
retary. This club is under the 
management of Mr. Alvin Ro- 


The direction of these girls 
who aspire to improve the de- 
velopment of their bodies, is 
done by Miss Theo Parr. Ir- 
ene Reimer, president ; Mar- 
cella Smith, vice-president ; 
Janet Conard, recording sec- 
retary ; Charlotte Smith, at- 
tendance secretary ; and Betty 
Werner, treasurer, are the 
group leaders. 



by Robert Sexson, this 
ation stimulates an in- 
terest in picture taking, de- 
veloping, and printing. Under 
the sponsorship of Mr. Bray- 
ton, this club was founded in 
1920 for the purpose of fos- 
tering better photography. 
Supporting the president are 
Robert Chiplas, vice-president ; 
Mary Jane Mennel, treasurer ; 
Alma Wegner, attendance sec- 
retary ; Martha Grimes, re- 
cording secretary ; and Marie 
Sassower, press agent. 

Forty-four — 


This honorary literary organi- 
zation, under the management 
of Mr. J. H. Moffat, was es- 
tablished in 1920. James 
Masclmieyor leads these stud- 
ems in the reading and writ- 
ing of short stories. Una I'.as- 
kerville, vice-president; Thom- 
as Ryan, recording secretary; 
Sidney Robertson, treasurer; 
Mary Sprenger, attendance 
secretary: and Bill Khiptash, 
press agent, are the other Odd 
Number officers. 


Under the direction of Mrs. 
Vivian L. Siener this club 
gives students an opportunity 
to express themselves as a 
group. Officers include Jack 
Shaaber, president ; Glenn 
Smith, vice-president; Betty 
Gran, attendance secretary: 
Fred Henry, treasurer : and 
Allen Smith, press agent. 


Fred Roessler heads this club 
which teaches boys the intri- 
cacies of fishing makeup. Sup- 
porting him are Bill McCrary, 
vice-president ; Malcolm Gard- 
ner, recording secretary; Ai- 
len Smith, treasurer ; Robert 
Adams, attendance secretary ; 
and Allen Smith, press agent. 
Mr. Weigler is the sponsor or 
this club. 




riiis military group is com- 
>rised of the commissioned 
ind non-commissioned officers 
>f the Reserve Officers' Train- 
ng corps. The leaders are 
Robert Fechtman, major, and 
Stonko Angelkovicli, captain, 
rhese boys are under the 
sponsorship of Sgt. Robert 


Sponsors of this club, Miss 
Holmes and Mrs. Boots, assist 
these girls in developing an 
increased interest in the home 
economics field. Club officers 
are Gertrude Todd, president ; 
Lucille Angrick, recording sec- 
retary : Rose Kleis, attendance 
secretary; Virginia Hafer, 
treasurer; Jean Kline, song 
leader: and Betty Shortridge, 
press agent. 


Sgt. Robert French guides 
these boys in their learning 
of military tactics. Officers 
consist of Stonko Angelkovicli, 
president ; Joe Schmalz, vice- 
president; Jack Shaaber, re- 
cording secretary; Lawrence 
Daum, attendance secretary; 
Joseph Galvin, parliamentari- 
an and treasurer ; and Charles 
Angelkovicli, press agent. 



Under Hie advisers, Miss 
Cretcheii A. Kemp and .Miss 
Helen Waynes, the publication 
of the weekly Rooster has de- 
pended upon this group of 
journalists. Editor-in-chief is 
Uutli Hummel ; assistant edi- 
tor. Edgar Siegel ; and sports 
editor. Jimmie Angelopolous. 
Business manager is William 



At each edition of the Rooster 
these students, representatives 
of their roll rooms, could be 
seen distributing Manual's 


Under the supervision of Mis? 
Ina Pemberton and Miss Em 
ma Miller, these student work 
ers have efficiently accom 
pushed their tasks. 


g^Jl V>W^ X~~JL G*~^ <PcJ . 

\ . y --' ■■•••• - .■..:■,;-. 

I? 9 r £ c 


Interested in landscape paint- 
ings, portrait exhibits, and 
other creative art work, these 
students comprise one of Man- 
ual's most active clubs. This 
group is directed by Mr. Davis 
and headed by Jean Scott, 
president ; Albert Burzlaff, 
vice-president ; Frances 
Kritsch, recording secretary- 
[tress agent; and Orvi lie Crane, 
attendance secretary. 


Discussions of various com- 
posers, instruments and mu- 
sic jare the activities of this 
club group under the sponsor- 
ship of Miss Freda Hart. Of- 
ficers are Rose Kleis, presi- 
dent ; James Kohl, vice-presi- 
dent ; Alfred Hubert, attend- 
ance secretary ; and Robert 
Overton, treasurer. 


Directed by Mr. Harold Wins- 
low and accompanied by Miss 
Freda Hart, this organization 
of mixed voices provides en- 
tertainment for school per- 
formances and outside organi- 
zations. The group was orig- 
inated for the purpose of 
studying English and Spanish 

Forty-eight — 


■Since 18!)". this activity al 
jfegnual has offered an oppor- 
uniiy for Instrumental musl- 
•ians who play tor commence- 

ncnl and many other school 
ictivities in addition to their 
mtside engagements. Russell 
Burl is is concert master and 
I'atricia Pearson is treasurer 
jf (he group which is under 
he leadership of Mr. Harold 



Clad' in red and white of 
Manual, these madrigals rep- 
resent their school at many 
mitside performances. Their 
'•Rhapsody in Music" has 
heen an outstanding musical 
event of the year. Miss Freda 
Hart directs the activities of 
the singers whose officers are : 
Marjorie Lowe, president; Mil- 
tired Eggert, vice-president; 
Jean Kline, attendance secre- 
tary; Evelyn Skillman, secre- 
tary ; Lucille Angrick, trea- 
surer ; Juanita Deckard and 
Christina Kyle, lihrarians. 



Occupying a prominent place 
on the football field and at 
all pep sessions, the band, or- 
ganized in 1915, is under the 
baton of Mr. Loo Perkins. 
Robert Rooker is captain ; Or- 
ville Crane, first lieutenant; 
and Richard Sohn, second lieu- 

-*M ft 


; ?t;-"ii 



V s 

- i 

■ n-o . ,j f Ti . n » ' 

Indians, J our- I ear W ar V eterans, 
JJury Jjattle-Ocarrea 1 omanawks 

By Eugene McCarty 

"Thanks for the memory" — might be the theme song of this page devoted to athletes of the senior 
class who have buried the Redskin tomahawk after devotedly bearing it for four years. All have contrib- 
uted in keeping Manual traditions set by former stellar warriors. Many have been but little chiefs ; others 
mightier in ther prowess will be long remembered for their athletic skill. 

With this in mind, we bid farewell to these worthy braves of Manual. 

LESTER BOLANDER— Displayed his ability 
by joining the basketball squad three years. Re- 
ceived E. M. T. H. S. award. 
JAMES FRANKLIN — A consistent performer 
on the football squad for several seasons. Five- 
inch M. 

ROBERT FRAZEE— Bob has seen sendees on 
both the basketball and track teams. Has awards 
in both. 

RENICK GAINES— Played freshman basket- 
ball. Has an M. T. award. 

JOSEPH GALVIN— Discovered talent for foot- 
ball in his senior year. Has four-inch M. T. 
MORTON GROSS— Played reserve basketball 
for one year. Awarded a six-inch M. T. 
M— JOHN HANSING— Capable captain of our 
football squad; John was a four-year man in 
football and spent three years playing basket- 
ball ; received a block M and glorified his chest 
with a sweater. 

M— ROY HIBNER— This Bridgford man for 
four years proved to be a competent captain. 
"Bambino" has a block sweater for his ser- 

OLEN HIER — Olen played one year on the 
basketball squad. 

M— FRANK KING— "Doc's" services were 
three-fold. Was a member of the golf team, stu- 
dent manager, and a competent member of our 
yell squad who gained the rank of captain. Two 
block M's. 

years of football, one year of basketball, and 
spent one year on the track team. A real sport 
in all three. Has a block sweater. 
JAMES MARIANOS— Spent his senior year 
on the football squad. 

JAMES MASCHMEYER— This lad proved his 
worth to the Paintermen in his one year of 

MERRILL MATLOCK— Gave two years to the 
football team and one to the track team. 
M— EUGENE McCARTY— "Gene" served 
three years on the basketball team. Has a block 

T1LMAN McCOURY— Member of the football 
team for one season. 

MERLE McKINLEY— A track man for sev 
eral seasons. Showed courage and true Manual 
spirit. A six-inch M. T. 

THOMAS NICHOLAS— Tommy, two-year track 
man, was one of the best cinder stompers. Has 
an E. M. T. H. S. award. 

M— WILLIAM O'NEILL— This fleet-footed lad 
has seen two years of competition as a basket- 
bailer and deserves credit for two years of ex- 
cellent track work. Received awards in both. 
M— ALBERT OSMAN— A mighty, pint-sized 
halfback who made the gridiron talk for two 
years. Injuries forced the plucky lad to the side- 
lines most of the trine. " Al" has a block sweater 
M— BORIS PETROFF— Boris devoted four 
years to the basketball squad. A true fighter and 
good sport. Displays a sweater for his services. 
M— ARTHUR PHELAN— Art was a three-year 
man in football. Proved himself a worthy line- 
man. Has a block M. 

RALPH PHILLIPS— A consistent hardwooder 
for three years. Ralph has an E. M. T. H. S. 
Lent his ability to the football team for one year. 
for four years ; a student manager for two ; has 
two block M's. 

M— WILFRED ROBINSON— "Will" is an all- 
round athlete having donated four years to the 
gridiron and three to the hardwood. He has col- 
lected two block M's and a sweater. His brilliant 
playing and sportsmanship earned him the 
Roines medal and a place on Purdue's All City 
Football selection. 

M— MARVIN WYANT— "Barney" was a flash 
on the hardwood for four years. Served the 
track team in his senior year. His block sweater 
goes well with his blond hair. 
M— ROBERT ZIMMER— Had two years on the 
hardwood. Bob later turned his attention to be- 
ing a student manager. Has a block M. 



MB SiT "!■' ?a 

[ ' ' iihI' v ' " 


^^j^»-^' • 

&J - '■■■• J 





i n E ? '3 


: I I \ 

Bt^. -W . HVL,: 9H • 

■ lTHj. 


4 ■-. * 

Kr '• -^iL_ 19 ^ 

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^49?. jfi^L & 


MlJ K^ 

pfflBSU ;-XJ 


Ik tH BpI 



IMF / ji 




ij. J. j*M.« 


HL^*^_^v i^ui ^^*l ' 



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T7^ *w* ! 

j. '^fa*"' / Ls-- 

Wf»*^ * 7 " * 

NUTS TO yoy J v 

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Zjgu^ i—h"^ 


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